Super Meat Boy in Smash Bros?

Interviewed by Eurogamer, Team Meat expressed interest in seeing their meaty hero star in the next Smash Bros. game for the Wii U.

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CaptainYesterday2024d ago

Wouldn't Super Meat Boy need to be on Wii U or 3DS before that will happen though?

PopRocks3592024d ago

I'm confused too, I thought a game character had to be on a Nintendo platform before they could even be considered.

Maybe they're porting the game to the Wii U/3DS eShop?

darthv722024d ago

was at one time in the process of being published for release on the wii by nintendo but it was canceled.

They could still have some type of contractual connection to the character.

DonteDemonSlayer2024d ago

Of course an indie dev would like to see that, but the game isn't even on the WiiU/3DS. And they certainly haven't done anything for Nintendo to deserve it. If any character did it would be Travis from No More Heroes, in which SUDA expressed he would love to see him on a smash title. It's a shame he won't, even after having the game be exclusive to the console for some time until Konami ported it to the ps360.

lizard812882023d ago

Well, Suda is friends with Sakurai. That is how Snake got in.

I would love to see him too, Plus he is the most prominent 3rd party new IP wii game.

3-4-52024d ago

Meat Boy isn't worthy.....he's cool and the game is good but there are probably 20 more deserving characters.

n4f2024d ago

i dont want this character in smash bros but that is just me other people have other opinion

Quadraxis2024d ago

Ridiculous, Commander Video would be in Smash Bros. before Meat Boy.

jaymart2k2024d ago

Rather see Wreck It Ralf.

secretcode2024d ago

...Honestly, out of all the "outsider" suggestions I've seen people suggest, that one makes the most sense. Good on you.

Jadedz2024d ago

You can only imagine all the, ''spanked by meat'' references.

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The story is too old to be commented.