An Open Letter to EA on SimCity: You Could Have Prevented This

Dear Electronic Arts....

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ssj2gohan832025d ago

Damn, you beat to the post. :)

What a great article. Greenwald is so right on this, it isn't even funny. Always online DRM, and not listening to the gamers that will be problems. Is one of the greatest push back to gamers that has been devised. Coupled with the crippling "features" of the game, and including poor server design and load balancing is the biggest cock slap to the face that I have ever seen. To make it worse, EA and Amazon are refusing refunds.

As Greenwald mentioned, if EA ever decides to include DLC to allow to have a bigger city. Which should have been in the game from the start. Then gamers all over are not going to take it up the butt. Some will, but a majority wont. And take there business elsewhere.

Derekvinyard132024d ago

These guys are clueless ! It's drm that's the problem

DwightOwen2024d ago

The author mentions DRM, unless you're referring to EA as being clueless, in which case I agree.

dougr2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Yeah, I can't wait until we have $15 DLC to have large regions like Sim City 4. This place will again explode. I promise if that is paid DLC I will pirate that, because that in no way shape or form should be something that costs money. This is coming from someone that has never downloaded a game illegally ever.