Defiance Preview - PSLS

Countless MMOs have tried to enter the games market over the last few years, but only a few have ever found enough of a footing to make them sustainable. Now, another entry into the genre has appeared as Trion Worlds is set to release their biggest endeavor to date with Defiance. It’s an MMO that will not only launch across the PC, 360 and PS3 on April 2nd, and has no subscription fees, but also will be the first to have a TV-show launching parallel to it on the Syfy Channel later that month.

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doctorstrange2025d ago

Anyone know when the show is out in the UK?

knifefight2025d ago

Europe always gets 'em last =/

Wedge192025d ago

@KnifeFight Well... not LAST last, they still get stuff before Asgard and Middle Earth.

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dbjj120882025d ago

Wow, looks pretty cool. And I do like how it's available on so many platforms. Might actually get me to watch the show.

Wedge192025d ago

Yet another Timesink.... a love hate relationship with video games.

T3mpr1x2025d ago

I'm sold on the game. The best part of that sentence is knowing that it's a Free-to-Play game!