10 Video Game Face-Offs You’d Pay To See

Game characters can be likened to snowflakes for their individuality, but they do wind up in some familiar situations and “jobs” (murdering demons, hunting treasure, busting gangs—you know, the usual occupations). So, here are ten one-on-one character face-offs that would draw an impressive crowd.

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_FantasmA_1815d ago

Dante would destroy that ugly chick with the mole. That toothpick don't stand a chance against the faux hawk.

Unicron1815d ago

Psh, one good Wicked Weave and Dante is down for the count. Bayonetta should have no trouble with him ;-)

TongkatAli1815d ago

The lalala theme would pop off with Bayonetta's wink and smile then BOOM! hair demon eats Dante.

Pose *snap*

pr0t0typeknuckles1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

since there using new dante i doubt hed stand a chance he doesnt seem as fast, resourceful or durable as classiac dante, and even if they used old dante which i feel actually has a chance but dont underestimate bayonetta shes dangerous as hell and could be one of the very few game characters that can match dante and we know there arent many.

Xklaw1815d ago

Classic Dante did some crazy shit, but Bayonetta surpassed him on that. Bayonetta could be more powerful, but Dante is more resilient. The guys on deathbattle should make this one.

Qrphe1815d ago

Donte stands no chance against Bayonetta. Dante, on the other hand, would.

Blacktric1815d ago

"comparing Donte to Bayonetta"

Thanks for the daily cringe I needed.

At least have the decency to put her up against Dante.

BlackWolf1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Funny fact, faux is french for fake.
For the sake of a proper fight, it should be classic Dante vs Bayonetta. That is something I'd pay for.

The other Dante (I hate me for calling him this way) doesn't have the varied moveset required to match the witch. She would break him in a flash.

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Relientk771815d ago

Lara Croft Vs. Nathan Drake

Dante Vs. Bayonetta

Ratchet & Clank Vs. Jak & Daxter

Solid Snake Vs. Rikimaru (Tenchu) Vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Megaman Vs. Zero

raiden-491815d ago

Have not played the new tomb raider so don't ask me for that.
Bayonetta is pretty strong.

Ratchet & clank had better weapons.
Well solid snake ftw
and megaman would win if he was X

bayonetta1814d ago

Bayonetta is more fast than Dante
she moving on 60 FPS and he move in 30 fps =p

pr0t0typeknuckles1815d ago

this list in my opinion sucks the only one id wnt to see is lara croft vs nathan drake or dante(classic) vs bayonetta

id want to see
spyro vs crash
the prince of persia vs ezio/altair/or connor
cole macgrath vs alex mecer
snake vs sam fisher
kratos vs dante
kratos vs nariko
Ratchet&Clank vs Jak&Daxter vs Sly,Bently,and Murray
the prince and elika vs monkey and trip

Max-Zorin1815d ago

I wanna see Nightwolf vs Chief Thunder.