A First Impression of the Playstation 4

Zach provides his thoughts on the Playstation 4's features and specs, arguing this is not an innovative step forward for Sony.

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smashcrashbash1959d ago

Oh please.The PS4 is 'just an improved version of the PS3' What nonsense.No wonder no one isn't commenting on this article.Also I don't know what he is talking about PS1 and PS2. you have to download N64, NES and SNES games on the Wii U and you shouldn't have to but you don't see anyone bringing that up very often.Not sure why Sony should endure the extra costs for BC for every PlayStation console while Nintendo doesn't even bother to.

Hicken1959d ago

Good point. Nobody's really giving Nintendo slack for not having free versions of Gamecube games. Folks hardly batted an eye when GC compatibility was removed from the Wii. But when PS2 compatibility left the PS3...

maniacmayhem1959d ago

Lets compare the reign of the PS2 to the GC. You honestly think more gamers had a bigger library of GC games compared to their PS2 games?

PS2 was damn near in every household and because of this there was a greater cry out when Sony decided to remove the BC from PS3.

Heck you can even gauge interest just on this site alone and see were the main focus of each console is. And it ain't Nintendo.

Even you should have thought about that.

smashcrashbash1958d ago

@ maniacmayhem.So I see.So you are basically saying the same crap most Nintendo fanboys say.What Nintendo does doesn't matter when they do it but when Sony does it we should jump down their throats? I paid good money for my N64 before Nintendo dropped it for the Gamecube. I think Nintendo should have put a slot on the Gamecube and the Wii so we could use the N64 games we paid so much money for.But as usual we pretend that what others do doesn't matter.It doesn't matter how many more games the PlayStation had, I want to play my N64 games and Nintendo made me download them instead not or free but for money.It isn't different. It is only different in fanboy's heads.