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Dark Souls 2 Should Offer Dedicated Cooperative Play

GR - "Why Dark Souls 2 needs to focus on co-op." (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

zerocrossing  +   690d ago
No it doesn't, the Souls games are intended as single player games and only have minor cooperative elements.

Start messing with the key formula and you'll just kill the franchise...
Demon's Souls isn't Dark Souls. They can kill Dark Souls all they want to because it's just a mediocre alternative for casuals. Might as well make it accessible while keeping Demon's Souls for the hardcore.
Rush  +   690d ago
You sir made me depressed I hope you're happy with yourself....
MEsoJD  +   690d ago
I have both and I'll tell you right now that Dark Souls is an improvement in almost every way. Demons Souls is too exploitable for me(I can beat it in a day no sweat). Oh and the lore in Dark Souls is so juicy :3 haha
Scumbag-Steve  +   690d ago
Naw hes right you nerds just don't get it!
Reverent  +   690d ago
Coming from the guy named after the newly casual, accessible DmC game...
ThanatosDMC  +   690d ago

Irony at it's finest. Bubs for him because it's funny.
jimbobwahey  +   690d ago
On the contrary, I would love for the franchise to introduce dedicated co-op and some kind of ultra-hard difficulty setting that's designed for two or three people to play together, but is also crushingly difficult.

That way they'd just be streamlining the co-op that's already a key part of the franchise, and tailoring an even harder difficulty that's designed around it.

Plus, it could also work the other way as well, and allow for parties of two or three people to invade these co-op games too. It would be awesome, especially with the invaders coordinating attacks at certain locations etc to do the most damage :D
zerocrossing  +   690d ago
It would just cause the whole franchise to become a total mess like every other Single player game that's had coop forced into it.

It's a nice idea but it wouldn't be done well and would no doubt end up as a key feature if not a selling point.

There are barely any decent single player games left I don't see the point of making everything multiplayer especially when it's better off without it.
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jimbobwahey  +   690d ago

But both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls already have multiplayer and co-op...

In fact, the integration of them are the most innovative aspects of the franchise.
zerocrossing  +   690d ago
In response to your last comment to me.

It is true that both Demons Souls and Dark Souls have multiplayer integrated into them but "multiplayer" is not a core focus.

The ability to leave messages is both a help and a hindrance since they are often vague and misleading you can't really trust them.

The ability to receive help from other players who are online is countered by the fact that your world could be invaded at anytime during online play, if you had a constant companion it would make moot a lot of integral game elements that make the series so gruelling yet ultimately fulfilling.
ThanatosDMC  +   690d ago
Or you could just summon... like how we have been doing since Demon's Souls.
mav805  +   690d ago
Exactly. What is it about not drastically changing the key elements of your already well regarded franchise that developers don't understand? That's how you lose fans.

In 300+ hours between Demon's/Dark Souls, I have never summoned a PC phantom, and I have never put my sign down to be summoned. Not interested.
Godmars290  +   690d ago
May as well be the Skyrim MMO.
NYC_Gamer  +   690d ago
Dark Souls 2 needs to offer strong single player and not worry about co-op
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Number-Nine  +   690d ago
The MP in the Souls series is what makes these games unique and great.

The single player is already strong.
SlavisH2  +   690d ago
I hope their is a option. I really hope this game is next gen because there will be far less restriction!
Old McGroin  +   690d ago
As much as I love co-op, even in Demon/Dark Souls when it worked, I would be worried that instant co-op from the beginning (matchmaking or friend invites) would ruin the "feel" of the the Souls series.
sdozzo  +   690d ago
Na bro. You don't mess with perfection. Now go choke yourself.
Meep  +   690d ago
I do disagree that they shouldn't add full on multiplayer right in the beginning. Make it so that new players have to beat a certain level ON THERE OWN with out progressing. Having help in the beginning, and then going through the rest of the game can really hamper the learning curve. How many time has a Demon/Dark souls player summoned someone for help on a boss only to have the boss get like 3 shot by the player you summoned.
Players should beat the first level on there own to prepare them for whats to come.

Also in the comments people are saying that they should ignore co-op and focus on Single Player....What the hell is that? For one, the stronger the Single Player, the stronger the Co-op is, since the game weaves them both very nicely. My second comment on that is Co-op isn't just a "minor element." Its a huge part of the game, hell this game is known for its unforgiving gameplay, and seamlessly weaving SP and MP elements. So to just say "ignore co-op" is a stupid thing to say. My experience with both the games were great, sure SP gets you focused, but the MP aspect of it freaks you out. I remember when black phantoms (real players trying to kill me) invaded me in Demon Souls I flipped SH*T. I was pancaking. MP is also A MAJOR part of the game, not just a "minor element."
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Meep  +   690d ago
jesus christ i meant panicking....holy god I might as well through my PC down the stairs.
Spenok  +   689d ago
Throw* :P

Oh, and you can edit your comments. So you don't have to leave the old error up, AND you wont need to put up a new comment.
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Kirnisorey  +   690d ago
The only thing they should change is the entry barrier. They need to raise it to weed out some of these curious people who want the Souls series to be co-op friendly and accessible.
Tenkin  +   690d ago
Drakul  +   690d ago
Every news about Dark Souls 2 make me sad..i feel things wont be same as before.."francising" kills core gaming, people.
Qrphe  +   690d ago
It ALREADY has coop. Please don't mainstream it with forced coop and multiplayer elements.
MysticStrummer  +   690d ago
I'd like to see a game using the same engine that had dedicated co-op, but the Souls series is fine like it is. Maybe since Souls is a spiritual successor to King's Field, they could make a new KF but have dedicated co-op in that.
BlueTemplar  +   690d ago
Really hope they dont tamper with the formula too much, the two souls games have been far and away my favourite games of this generation.
KingMe42  +   690d ago
Your article is casual and you should feel casual

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