Videogamer: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

Videogamer writes: Bafflingly, millions of Japanese gamers love Dynasty Warriors. The PS3 version of Dynasty Warriors 6 debuted at number two in the all-format Japanese charts when it was released over in the Land of the Rising Sun back in November 2007, selling a stupendous 176,000 copies. Even more incredible, the 360 version got to number four in the all format chart, selling 27,000 units. And that's for a system that's basically non-existent in the country.

While there's no chance that the game will repeat that success over here, it still has a small, hardcore following in the West. Well here's my message to all those Japanese gamers who picked up the game day one and all you Western gamers who have pre-ordered the game and will buy it regardless of review scores: wake up and smell the coffee. Dynasty Warriors 6 is a boring, repetitive, stale game from a tired series that's clearly out of ideas.

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Rikitatsu3909d ago

Bafflingly, millions of American gamers love Halo 3.

To be honest, in terms of gameplay, DW6 defeats Halo 3 easily (even though DW6 is the worse Game in the series)

Bazookajoe_833909d ago

Quite fun, but dont expect so much depth =)