PS4 connectivity features will boost PS Vita sales, says GameStop

GameStop boss Tony Bartel has said that the PlayStation 4’s ability to connect with PlayStation Vita will have a positive impact on the handheld’s overall sales.

Sony announced at the PlayStation Meeting that its next-generation home console will share a strong relationship with its portable cousin, allowing gamers to use the PS Vita as a second screen.

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DivineAssault 1986d ago

im sure it will. Combined with a price drop its inevitable

LackTrue4K1986d ago

that is one seeeexxxxxyyyyy ass blue Vita!!!

PS4isKing_821985d ago

I agree. Would be nice if Sony brings that sexy blue vita over later this year along with a price cut. :)

Cam9771985d ago

I think it has a shell or sticker because the buttons are black.

Baylex1985d ago

It can't be a sticker.. because around the buttons, analogs and d-pad is blue too.. in that place couldn't be a sticer..

Veneno1985d ago

Thats what they should call this new vita. Sexy BluE.

IMightBeRetarded1985d ago

They sell red, blue, and I believe silver as well, in Japan. Cost way to much to import or I would've bought one.

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classic2001985d ago

After seeing not just the sales for japan but the sales for globally today, it surey will take off in america with a Price drop. Who wouldnt want to play there console games on the go, the future is sweet.

Also a price drop in european territories would literally send the VITA through the roofs, its basically sony continent.

jujubee881985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Also, something tells me we will see a VITA revision this year.

Not sure what it is. Just a gut feeling!

arbitor3651986d ago

the vita is a ticking time bomb, really. as soon as a price drop hits, you will see it selling like crazy

stuna11985d ago

Ya think? This is what Sony planned from the beginning.

And it's all coming into focus, regardless of how many Vita's have sold up to this point, Sony have insured that the production cost have significantly gone down on the Vita and with the price drop already happening in Japan with the rest of the world probably happening in the near future!

It only logical to believe that gamers are in for one HELL of a ride.

Veneno1985d ago

I hope E3 brings some amazing Vita news!

MikeMyers1985d ago

Sony planned in the beginning for lower than forecasted sales? Did they also plan for 3rd party devs shying away from supporting it?

Moving forward yes, the PS4 will help Vita a lot. Just like Playstation Plus will. I think Vita will have a much brighter future but the past years reception was not something Sony had planned. A price cut, lower costs for memory cards and the PS4 will lead to more sales and that will also lead to more game support.

stuna11985d ago

Reading comprehension is fundamental! No were did I lower sells were something Sony expected. It was pretty obvious that I was referring to the Vita's and PS4 connectivity.

MikeMyers1985d ago

Well if that's the case they would have released ti when the PS4 came out.

Hicken1984d ago

By releasing it BEFORE the PS4 comes out, that creates a larger population of people who'll be able to try the combo out at launch. The Vita gets roughly two years to be on the market: when the PS4 drops, those people will only need to buy the home console instead of both. Sony's said that their target for the Vit was people who already owned a PS3; I'm willing to bet that demographic overlaps quite a bit with people likely to buy a PS4 at launch.

It's not inconceivable to believe Sony released the Vita ahead of time with the full knowledge of its interaction with the PS4; they certainly hoped for better sales for the Vita, which would definitely spur larger sales of the PS4 as people sought that integration. Now, though, it appears that'll work a little bit more in the reverse.

MikeMyers1984d ago

Hicken, of course they can take further advantage of Vita with the PS4 because now they can do a better job with asymmetrical gameplay like the Wii U. The PS3 was created long before the Vita so some of their design wasn't going to take full advantage of Vita until the PS4 comes out.

The point is this was all not planned like stuna1 said because while making Vita it was in the middle of the PS3 and before the creation of the PS4. Sony didn't plan on a lukewarm response to the Vita and they didn't plan on 3rd party developers taking a apprehensive approach to it. Hopefully things will pick up once the PS4 comes out and a worldwide price reduction. But that is also a gamble because right now there is very little momentum other than a high for the recent Japan price drop. If sales continue to peak then yes, we have some good momentum but we also need software going forward to back it up.

This whole plan for Vita so far has not been executed very well, that's all I'm saying. Hopefully it gets better.

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PopRocks3591985d ago

That depends on whether or not they can make the general consumer see the value in that. This kind of connectivity did not work at all with the PS3/Vita combo as far as moving Vita units. Lo and behold a Vita price drop in Japan and suddenly selling more quickly.

classic2001985d ago

Have you check the global sales it almost out sold the xbox, this thing will explode with a price cut.

PopRocks3591985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"Have you check the global sales it almost out sold the xbox"

The 360 is also seven years old, and that was right after a price drop for the Vita in Japan. The point I made was that connectivity between the Vita and another console did not really boost its sales, and Sony would have to find a clever way to make that a selling point with the PS4. Based on the agree/disagree ratio it seems you're not the only one who completely missed the point.

ritsuka6661985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

You have too much hope.. only price cut will not save Vita.Devs and publishers don’t want to spend money making games when the install base is so low and sales aren’t likely to be high. Gamers don’t want to buy it until there’s a comprehensive library of mainstream titles. Sony need to fund devs to get top quality games out, that’s the only way I can see Vita come back for market.

Have you check the global sales it almost out sold the xbox"

Yeha, only in Japan this...

Snookies121985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@ritsuka666 - "Devs and publishers don't want to spend money making games when the install base is so low."

What the heck do you think a price cut does?? It boosts the install base substantially, and if the Japanese market is anything to go by (which was the lowest market up till now I believe). A price cut in other regions will send the Vita skyrocketing in sales. I'm sure devs will take notice VERY soon with those kinds of numbers should Sony unleash this price cut in other areas of the world.

TongkatAli1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The Vita will sell on its own merits with epic games and indies love the Vita which = even more games. The Vita and PS4 connectivity will be the cherry on the best handheld sundae ever made.

Sony better make sure that it's like the Wii U when it comes to the ease of getting it to work. Lagfree between the two is the most important.

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Prodigy-X1985d ago

I hope Sony goes all out for PS Vita at E3 2013.

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