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For decades, kids have said this to each other, pressuring one another to take rebellion in their hand, feel its weight, and ultimately hurl it at a pane of glass and make an awesome crashing noise. Not me. I prefer a safer game, a gentler game.

So how about dropping a stone down a well and imagining all the donuts and traps it sees on its way to the bottom? Yes, the same people who brought you two women throwing hipsters at other hipsters comes a game about pretending something awesome is going on, but really it's just gravity. Available today on the eShop is Kersploosh!—just another oddity from Nintendo, or is it a welcome distraction at the right price?

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TrendyGamers1901d ago

I'm guessing the sequel will be Kersplash!?

dbjj120881901d ago

The trailer makes it look cool. I'll wait until I've got an eShop card for this one.

knifefight1901d ago

Reminds me of one of those Green Day albums from before they were famous. Kerplunk?