Gamer Archetypes: Gamer Girl – Distancing Ourselves from Gamer Equality

The video game industry has always exuded an inequality between males and females – both from the consumer end and the business end. Not only has this become a disadvantage for many females, but it also has put a strain on the video game culture we have today. Now, the Gamer Girl Archetype has become an ill-ridden label among video-game consumers all across the world.

Perhaps the term Gamer Girl is too crude to describe the average female gamer. I, for one, feel this way. The term has been constantly used to emphasize sexuality in women rather than their gaming skills. Gamer Girl just seems so corrupted now.

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DonteDemonSlayer1899d ago

If women stopped making such a big deal out of it and just played the games there would be no problem. But when some think they are some "special snowflake" just because they are a girl and play games, then they are doing no good and are stagnating any sort of hope for equality.
Also equality means equal, for some "Girl gamers" who complain, that simply won't be enough. People will have to acknowledge them first, and what they do, making them feel more special before they are satisfied.

Mounce1899d ago

That and the horny, low-life prepubescent children who white-knight them endlessly and boost their egos. The girl-gamers who're naive or manipulative will just try to use this to raise to some form of power and make everyone else who sees it look down on all female gamers as a whole in a manner.

I've seen one-too-many girls who just do as they please and try to bait as many men to follow them in all the sausage fests they go to for the love of attention and having minions to command and to force themselves in a role of victimization in order to get what they want.

Those, are the kind of 'Female Gamers', if one can call them gamers, that I cannot stand.

If they simply play the game, be as natural as any guy-gamer, I won't care, I won't even spot them out as 'different', I leave them be and play with them as if they were any other person. Still can't say the same for the white knighters who'd try such things still.

contradictory1899d ago

i agree with DonteDemonSlayer

i judge people as gamers by how they game

if you just sometimes play iOS games or something then you are
casual gamer

if you play games in moderate amounts then i'd call you just a normal gamer

if you play games with real devotion then you are hardcore gamer

gender is a non issue to me