NVIDIA Discusses Tegra 4 and Mobile Gaming

At the recent International CES in Las Vegas, Gaming Illustrated met with the folks from NVIDIA to discuss the upcoming new Tegra 4 chipset. If you aren’t familiar with the technology the Tegra 3 is the much heralded chipset made popular in many Android-powered devices, such as the Google Nexus. We met up with Doug MacMillan, the Director of Marketing for Tegra, to discuss this powerful new chipset and if it really is a gamechanger in the world of mobile gaming.

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CommonSenseGamer1871d ago

I hope the Tegra 4 gets some good support and is used to set new benchmarks in mobile gaming. Some of the visuals on Tegra 3 are fantastic given the resolutions its pushing and I can only imagine what 2nd gen games on the Tegra 4 will look like.

MGRogue20171871d ago

I bet NVIDIA is already working on Tegra 5.

hellvaguy1868d ago

No they just put pen to paper and fire up the assembly line that same weekend. Ya?

MGRogue20171868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

lol nah.. what I meant was that they're probably already in the design phase of Tegra 5 in order to stay on top of the competition such as Apple, ya know? :)