Five Fixes for Final Fantasy

PixlBit | When Jesse Miller, our resident features guru, asked if I would be interested in doing a Final Fantasy retrospective for the series’ 25th anniversary last year my answer was a resounding “yes!” In the months that followed, I poured all of my love and dedication into a five part series detailing the 14 core Final Fantasy games. It was a labor of love for me; no series of games has been more influential or important to me as a gamer. I’m a staunch defender of these games, even when they go into weird territory like iOS time-wasters. That doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the fact that the series isn’t what it once was, however. As excited as I am for the future of Final Fantasy, I think that the fine folks over at Square Enix need to take a good long look at where the series stands. To that end, I have 5 things that I think could help immensely as we move forward into the next generation.

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TheLyonKing1906d ago

While I agree there is a few things final fantasy could do to improve I feel that this is how final fantasy evolved. The fact that 1 didn't lend itself to a sequel meant that square could make changes as they see fit. While I didn't really enjoy 12/13 I actually quite enjoyed 13-2 and I am look forward to a more kingdom hearts style final fantasy (vs 13)

I think FF doesn't need to change but the way Square deals with the series has to change.
Not keeping us up to date
Not listening to fan feedback
And shoving FF on the title of a lot of games that aren't needed.

Finally I think square need to remember it was FF that saved them and they do treat it with respect but I think they could treat the name better.

TheLyonKing1906d ago

I also think his vendetta against Noumra is terrible.

He had directed advent children, KH and drawn so many characters. He is a talent that square cant afford to loose and will help square get back into my good books.

Wada is the one he should dislike.

AlphaNerd19801906d ago

I have problems with Wada and Kitase as well. I'm not saying that Nomura needs to be fired or even completely removed from Final Fantasy. I'm just saying that he needs to take a step back from being a main character designer.

I'd rather see him do promotional art ala Amano than be the main guy on Final Fantasy designs.

Larry L1906d ago

As far as I'm concerned as a FF fan since FF1 launched in the US, and one who has played every single FF (aside from 11), there is only one problem with the main series. It's not the characters, it's not the stories, it's not a focus on pretty graphics. Stories and characters of FFs 1-10 were hit and miss, yet I enjoyed them all. The problem with the series is THE BATTLE SYSTEM. It's as simple as that. FF10 was the last FF to have a battle system recognizable as Final Fantasy. And just like many other games that used to be great then went down hill like Madden and Wrestling games.....the reason FF went down hill is they over complicated the gameplay.

Final Fantasy has always been so popular because of how simple it is even though it felt extremely deep and was highly engrossing. All FFs 1-10, regardless of their little or not so little differences and some being more complicated than others, all had basically the same kind of battle system with the same basic rules, and anyone who wanted to could pick up any FF 1-10 and play it start to finish without needing to hone any particular skills, or get very frustrated to the point of throwing a controller. It was almost a relaxing experience.....ZEN in it's way.

But with 12 and ESPECIALLY 13, the games got overly complicated for the series, hard to play....13 was the first FF I just couldn't get through, it was too confusing, and FAR too stressfull. It's just no longer fun for the type of gamer who grew up with FF.....which is STILL their fanbase, it's not like we've shrivelled up and wasted away.....we're like 30-40 Square....wft?

If Square wants the main FF series to return to it's former greatness, and have it's fans love the series again, they need to return to the original style battle system. They can make the battle as pretty as they want, but the battle system.....the gameplay itself....needs to go back. And this is going to be proven true when FFXHD releases, and it sells better than FF13. Sales will show we prefer the old style game play.

Unfortunately, even if Square does get that message, I really doubt they've got the stones it takes to admit they were wrong to so drastically change the gameplay of such a well established franchise, and actually go back to the old style.

MontyQ1906d ago

in recent years ff has become a turd and the release the same game 100 times over ff13 ff13 lightning returns ff13 uncut ff13 the uncut recut ff13 the remix ff13 the ultimate remix ff13 x2 ff13 the pre ff14 remix ff14 1 year aniversary disk ff13 the ultimate uber turd editon

Roper3161906d ago

1 - Fire Wada

2 - remember you're a eastern developer

3 - fire wada

4 - remember you're a eastern delevoper

5 - repeat steps 1-4 until you get it right

Seriously they just need to stop trying to westernize everything and stick to what made JRPG's so popular during the PS/PS2 days. Ni No Kuni is a perfect example of a JRPG done right & FF XIII is a perfect example of a JRPG done wrong.

Larry L1906d ago

I didn't give you the disagree, but I do disagree with you to an extent.

Square may indeed be an eastern developer, but the main FF series (1-12) is more of a "western" RPG. It's based in alot of western lore. The bestiary is full of western mythical creatures more than eastern ones. FF until 13 has been more along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons.

While Ni No Kuni is indeed imo the perfect example of a good JRPG, it is NOT the perfect example of a Final Fantasy. Because Final Fantasy in essence isn't a JRPG, it's a "W"RPG that just happens to be made by "J" developers. FF1-10 are imo perfect examples of Western RPGs. When FF1 came out on NES, I said to myself "FINALLY, D&D done right in a video game." I didn't say "OMG....I suddenly like anime.", because the game just isn't, and never has been in a Japanese style (aside from the writing of course, lol).

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1906d ago

I truly believe they will be on the right track next gen. They already came out and said that they will focus on the hardcore gamers for next gen and not do any stupid casual ios games. I think Versus XIII and FF 15 will floor us. We can also dream of a next gen FF7 remake as well.

kalkano1906d ago

Make the author of this article Director of the Final Fantasy series.

Problem solved.

Max-Zorin1906d ago

They just need to stop westernizing their games and be themselves.