5 Challenges Sony Faces With The PlayStation 4

Sony faces a number of challenges with the PlayStation 4, including having enough inventory at launch, having a strong launch game lineup, and more.

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Simple answer to this article none other than 'backwards compatibility'. Now theres your real answer.

Jaqen_Hghar1931d ago

do people really buy systems based on that? A man used BC on PS2 maybe twice and used it on PS3 just once. A man will keep his PS3.

T9001931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


"do people really buy systems based on that? A man used BC on PS2 maybe twice and used it on PS3 just once. A man will keep his PS3."

Warcraft 3 launched 11 years ago, i still play it till date, I still play Counter strike, Teamfortress 2 is 6 years old i still play it. Hell few weeks back i was playing Maxpayne 2 on my PC (thats 10 years old probably).

Me and a friend still play Battlecity on my PC(its a game from the Nes 25 year old game).

Having BC is amazing, sometimes there can be no replacement for the older games, and its amazing when one machine the PC can act like a time machine and literally play games from all ages.

Anyone owning 40-50 games on a older platform will be worried about BC.

Yes they can keep their PS3. However what happens when that goes bad? are they supposed to keep buying the PS3? what if they been doing that for the PS2 all of this gen? So are they now going to keep rebuying PS2 and PS3 all of next gen?

Nevermind the clutter its going to have so many boxes hooked up to your TV.

Consoles are supposed to be cost efficient not being able to play thousands of USD worth of games is a huge loss anyone sensible will agree.

Its one of the reasons i buy all my multiplats on the PC. No worries about any games working later on. Want to play a 20 year old game today no problemo it just works. 1 machine to play games of today and the past no need of multiple boxes.

JoGam1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

To answer ur question in short... NO. Honestly people who cares for backwards compatibility is a very small few. The general consumer wouldn't care if the PS4 was backwards compatible. I got the original PS3 and have over 100 ps2 games and used it like 5 times. Period.

cayleee1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

"The general consumer wouldn't care if the PS4 was backwards compatible."

Haha so true, If i want BC i can just buy HD remakes and if the games i want dont make it ill just wait for the remake.

Gha haha, in fact i have no problems buying HD remakes of HD remakes. Ill just buy the God of war collection again for the PS4 hahahaaa.

Jaqen_Hghar1931d ago

a man has never had a console go bad on him so he is unaffected. A man sold his PS2 after the HD remakes were made or the PS2 classics were on the store for all the games he would want it for.

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Irishguy951931d ago

I want to hold the controller now!

XboxInnovation1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

1. Price. Sony is trying to recapture casual audience, which is very hard to do with a high price tag.

2. Exclusives. Sony's fresh exclusives especially early on saved them this gen. I just wonder if they'll have enough fresh new ips to entice gamers next gen, and I'm also concerned about some expiring with interest like Killzone, infamous and God of war.

3. Online service. Must be robust, casual friendly and secure. Three things PSN was not.

4. Marketing. Sony needs to learn how to market better and who they're marketing to. They need to better Learn the modern gamer.

5. Ps4 being easily hackable. When u make a PC style infrastructure u take the chance of it easily being toyed with.

DivineAssault 1931d ago

The lack of BC may be the biggest hurdle they have.. Other than that, the system is exactly what i wanted it to be..