Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Hits the PSP and PS Vita Store on March 12th

The PS1 Classic, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, was added to the PlayStation Store last week, with the promise of it being PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita compatible, in addition to the PlayStation 3. Quickly, it was discovered that that wasn’t the case as many people reported they weren’t able to play the game on their handheld systems, prompting Sony to work on the problem.

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TrendyGamers1814d ago

Good to know they got the kinks worked out quickly.

Wedge191814d ago

Always good to see more PS1 classics on the Vita.

dbjj120881814d ago

Nice. I'll probably pick this up.

Taggart4511814d ago

Seriously considering turning my Vita into a Persona device:

SMT: Persona (PSP)
SMT: Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP)
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PS1 Classic)
Persona 3 Portable (PSP)
Persona 4 Golden (Vita)


Sketchy_Galore1814d ago

My Vita is a Final fantasy device at the moment. I still haven't bought or played any Persona game because I'm already overloaded with JRPG goodness, from all this Final fantasy to still playing through Ni no Kuni. Still, in my weaker moments I think maybe I should throw Persona 4 golden onto that pile. I'm pretty desperate to find out if it is as good as everyone is saying.

pandatomsk1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

IT IS! Do yourself a favor.

cpayne931814d ago

Persona 4 is awesome, I'm near the end of the game, but thats after almost 60 hours of playing. Awesome characters, story, and gameplay.

Donnieboi1812d ago

I know i'll get some slack for saying this, but Persona is the new final fantasy. It blows even ff 7-10 out of the water. Seriously dude u HAVE to play Persona 3 and 4. Amazing games and about 120-160 hours to beat EACH of them. Best storytelling in gaming history.

Sketchy_Galore1812d ago

Thanks for the kick in the pants folks. I am gonna have to pick up Persona 4 ASAP. I honestly appreciate the advice, as much as my wallet hates you all.

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