Gamespot UK: Maxis internal SimCity memo leaks

Studio general manager says server rollout in North America has been "challenging," promises studio is working 24/7 to fix issues.

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juandren2024d ago

I pity Maxis. They were really innovative in bringing the world Sims, SimCity and other games. I can't imagine what it's like for them to have all their creativity drained by EA. But I guess it's the money that matters in today's industry

pompombrum2024d ago

They let EA buy them out, I have no sympathy.

Derekvinyard132024d ago

Maxis ain't that stupid, it was EA's ideas to put DRM in and now they blame maxis what scum, now people are prolly gonna lose there jobs for no reason

pompombrum2024d ago

They were stupid enough to let EA buy them, that makes them very stupid in my eyes.

juandren2024d ago

EA bought them in 1997, when they were a small company and EA was considerably less evil. No way Maxis could have anticipated all the sh*t still to come. They were just trying to make their place in an industry with an uncertain future. Gaming was a very risky industry back then

fossilfern2024d ago

This and the Diablo launch should be signs to stop this kind of DRM! Infant there is NO need for DRM

kostchtchie_2024d ago

as always DRM only hurts legit players, sooner developers and publishers and shareholders realize this the better it will be for gamers

hope they fix this for the people that bought this, they did spend there hard earned cash on something that should be at playable standard

juandren2024d ago

You have a good point. In the past I have pirated the crap out of games that were difficult to get running legitimately