"Kratos against Odin would be weird", Mark Simon

Mark Simon from Santa Monico conceded us an interview and said that a fight between "Kratos against Odin would be weird".

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jc485732020d ago

so why would you want Kratos to fight Odin? I know they got Valkyries, so....

NewMonday2020d ago

"Sometimes the fans think that there are few things we can do, because Kratos killed all the gods".

Judge Dredd had the same problem, all the bad guys end up dead so he couldn't have a recurring nemesis

SleazyChimp2020d ago

Kratos is going to have to take a vacation and they need to introduce a new pissed off hero to tackle the Norse Mythology. It would make the most sense and refresh the series. This new Viking warrior would want to challenge Odin for what ever reason, but doesn't think you can kill a god. Then news arrives of a warrior from a far away land named Kratos, that challenged his gods and was able to defeat them. With this knowlege the new warrior is inspired to take up a quest to bring down Odin ect.

gninja922019d ago

and maybe eventually. they meet. and theres a mini crossover. co-op moment.

GrieverSoul2019d ago

Well, that might work somehow. Imagine Kratos is nowhere to be found. This Viking Warrior would seek his aid or some type of mentorship. Why not make kratos an NPC for instance. Someone who aids the Viking but doesnt have a quarrel with hos gods. The Norse gods, angry at Kratos for helping the Viking warrior, turn their attention to him.
Second half of the game! BAM! Kratos is back.
Kinda like a MGS2 twist.

smashcrashbash2020d ago

Well Kratos has no quarrel with Odin and friends.He was only angry at Zeus and the Pantheon because of the horrible way they treated him. Odin would have to have done something just as bad to Kratos for him to want to kill him.

Tiqila2020d ago

that can be done! just another cgi sequence where kratos has married again and odin forces him to kill his new wife and kid or his brother or any other family if he has...!

grailly2020d ago

kratos already killed his brother... willingly

Silly gameAr2020d ago

Actually,Kratos isn't the one who killed him, just buried him.

Megaton2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

David Jaffe's original version of GoW3 would have put you against Odin. The whole game was supposed to be a battle against other gods looking to take Zeus' newly-vacated throne, since it was planned for you to kill Zeus right in the beginning. You would have fought against Norse, Egyptian, etc., as they came forward to take his place. It was to explain why old gods are disregarded as myth in modern times. Because Kratos killed them all.

PSVita2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

They ruined the best secret they had with a psp game. Kratos brother that raised in hades. From the original games extras his brother was some like dark angel that hated him etc. what better opponent then his brother?.....even though at the end of 3 you hear his voice they still made up in GOS so I doubt it.

zlpw0ker2020d ago

you do realize that zeus is greek right?
odin is Norse myth god and egyptian is no where near greeks,these are gods in different cultures,you cant just take all the known gods and think thats a great idee for new gow,man your thick.

Monkeycan82020d ago

That wasn't Megatons idea it was David Jaffe's and I think it would be cool to see Kratos Kill other Gods.

Megaton2019d ago

My thick what?

The whole point was that gods from other cultures came forwards to replace Zeus as god of the gods. The creator of GoW, David Jaffe, wrote the 3rd game to play out like that. Not me. Man, you're thick.

SlyFamous022020d ago

Well, what ever direction Kratos goes in I just hope Stig is back at the helm.

gninja922019d ago

no. cory barlog was the best director.

SlyFamous022019d ago

Well, I think GOW3 speaks for it self of which Stig Asmussen was the lead director.

fabiani2020d ago


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