LoreHound Exclusive! Neverwinter Interview with Jack Emmert writes: "Is anyone else excited? The servers go online in just a few hours… and I’ll once again be able to explore the wilds of Neverwinter! To kick off the second beta weekend, we managed to corner Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios and sweet talk a few moments of Q&A. I’d call that opening with a bang!

Once you’ve read this, if you’d like some more details about the game, I’ll be posting up a preview of the second beta weekend after I’ve played it for a bit. You can also check out my previews of the last weekend! First Beta Weekend Preview #1, First Beta Weekend Preview #2, First Beta Weekend Preview #3. We’ll also be livestreaming tomorrow, March 9th, at noon EST on the LoreHound Twitch channel. Hit the jump for the interview!"

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