Could 'Assassin's Creed' Be The First Good Video Game Movie?

Some suggestions to prevent 'Assassin's Creed' going the same way as all video game movies.

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Venox20081690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

there are some good movies: Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill, first Resident Evil.. and Wreck it rhalph

bk_one1690d ago

Resident Evil probably, but Wreck It Ralph is not really based on a computer game and rather an original story in a computergame based setting .. but it was a good movie .. :)

Hydralysk1689d ago

Dear god, you consider Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill good movies? Were you also a fan of the Street Fighter movie?

Venox20081689d ago

no, other movies based on games were bad, I liked only those I wrote

Summons751690d ago

Um, there have been a few good ones already. Silent Hill, Postal, Resident Evil one was decent although really had nothing to do with the game, and also Forward unto Dawn was excellent but I'm not sure if that truly counts.

TekoIie1690d ago

Add Prince of Persia. I think it was very good and remained true to the franchise!

TopDudeMan1690d ago

The Uncharted movie could be excellent.

TotalHitman1690d ago

I doubt that will even happen, it's been talked about for years and nothing has happened.

jony_dols1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I still think Sony were wrong to drop David O'Russell, just to please fanboys.

He's a top directer (despite his unconventional take on the Uncharted franchise), hell he even had Robert De Niro attached. But instead he went on to direct the Oscar winning Silver Lining Playbook. Oh well, another missed opportunity due to internet whinging...and now the film is stuck in-development hell.

pissed9991690d ago

Street Fighter: The Animated Movie was superb. You can tell this is written by a 16 year old too young to remember.

Nate-Dog1690d ago

I doubt it'll be any good. Unless the situation has changed, Ubisoft are producing it themselves and although I know they're doing it to keep it close to the games and to maintain creative control, they're not movie producers and I doubt they'll be able to translate Assassin's Creed that well into this medium.

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