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Sim City Debacle Raises Health of PC Questions for Future; Could Affect Industry as a Whole

"If those people that waited in lines at Midnight, woke up and stopped at their local game store at open, or took the day off of work because their favorite game series has its first launch since 2007, are forced to wait to play their game, there is something drastically wrong. I stopped in on the same launch day as Sim City, to Gamestop and picked up my copy of Tomb Raider and was able to enjoy it on my Xbox 360 at the time I got home. I had the right to play a game that I legally obtained, with my money, when I chose to. No one was telling me that I couldn’t. Sim City fans were obviously not as lucky. They were not able to play a game that they, too had received a legal copy of, and because of the launching companies, Electronic Arts and Maxis, need to protect what money they make; consumers were the ones that suffered. (Dev, EA, Industry, Maxis, Next-Gen, PC, PS4, SimCity, Xbox One)

Yi-Long  +   908d ago
PC gaming isn't dying...
... in fact, if Valve play their cards right with the Steambox, it might even conquer the living rooms.

However, SimCity did show how to screw up a release, by demanding 'always online' for what many consider a single-player game, which is ridiculous, especially when EA also messes up by neglecting to make sure it actually WORKS!

Not to mention the focus on micro-transactions, which is always a good reason not to buy a game. I don't buy incomplete games.

Another great example why we gamers should resist supporting games, developers, and publishers, who include these kinds of ridiculous demands and practices into their games.
ATi_Elite  +   908d ago
Sim City
this debacle has nothing to do with the health of PC Gaming.

I hate flaimbait articles like this cause it further continues the IGNORANCE that non PC Gamers have about something they know NOTHING about.

PC Gaming is alive and well. Want Proof? It's why consoles have been copying PC Gaming since:

the N64 made Goldeneye 007 as FPS were only on PC's. Since PS2 and Dreamcast got ethernet ports for online play,
Since X360/PS3 got MMO's, P4F, and Microtransactions
since PS4/X720 were designed to be PC's day 1

The SimCity debacle is a result of one of TWO Things

1. so many people bought the dam game that the servers could not handle the load and crashed.

same thing happened to Diablo 3 when 4 million Gamers tried to log on Day 1 at midnight.

2. Some technical glitch on EA's end.

Like your Cellphone, Work Servers, home Internet, Cable, etc. has never been down. It happens sometimes and doesn't mean the WHOLE Industry is flawed.

So stop these stupid PC Gaming is dying articles cause they are IGNORANT and bad propaganda!!

I Do Not approve of this article!!!
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LessThan2Tflops  +   908d ago
If pc gaming is dying, then there shouldn't be many people playing SimCity, then EA shouldn't have server problems right?
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NYC_Gamer  +   908d ago
Hmm...a platform is dying because of SimCity connection issues?
Capodastaro  +   908d ago
If it was dying then there would not have been any server congestion issues with Sim City or Diablo 3.

P.S - Diablo 3 sold close to 4 million copies on day one, sold 6 million within a week and had 12 million by the end of 2012, that puts it right ahead of every PS3 exclusive and all of the Halos and most of the 360s exclusives.

RIP PC Gaming.
ATi_Elite  +   908d ago
You can't tell Consolers Nothing factual or sensible!
all that 24/7/365 Console Video Game advertisement has them BRAINWASHED!

Diablo 3 12 million units sold as a PC Exclusive
League of Legends 35 million active Gamers
World or Warcraft 9 million subscriptions
Eve Online going strong for 10 years
Starcraft is played by like everyone in South Korea and it has it's own 24/7/365 channel
Warface in Russia has over 5 million Gamers

yeh PC Gaming is so DEAD!!
Lisica  +   907d ago
World of Tanks,

45 million players,

500,000 players online, a Guinness World Record.
parkerpeters  +   907d ago
The industry crash cannot come soon enough. I want the big boys (EA, Acti, Ubi) dead so we can return to a player-centered video game market, as opposed to the developer centered market we have now. These companies need to crash and burn, and EA is doing a fantastic job making sure all products are sub par bait and switch, as Acti is doing their part in over saturating the market with the same game every month.
Chuk5  +   907d ago
In all fairness, if one developer deserves to stay around its ubi. they've done stupid things, but of all the third party mega publishers, they at least try to make inventive games.
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aiBreeze  +   907d ago
The problem isn't with the PC as a viable gaming platform, it's with greedy publishers.
Bladesfist  +   907d ago
News just in. Too many people are buying PC Exclusives, PC Gaming is dead. /s
tommygunzII  +   907d ago
The writing is on the wall
In normal households the PC has been relegated to a expensive gaming machine. When Valve releases their gaming console it will be the first time in 30 years that a PC isn't needed for anything in a normal household. Sure, tasks are still much easier to do on a PC, but for the first time in history PC's aren't needed.
Actions speak louder than words. I would pay more attention to what companies like Microsoft do, not what they say. If the end of the world was upon us, do you really think the one's in the know would tell us beforehand?
profgerbik  +   907d ago
Not enough people care about PC gaming anymore. I am not saying it is dying but it has become a niche market. Not nearly as many PC games anymore, most the titles that were PC to begin with moved to console and even at times had sequels they would not even put on PC.

Trust me I will always have a place in my heart for PC I am an enthusiast. I love decking mine out but I still am not stupid and have noticed the changes in the PC gaming industry over the years. It used to be way bigger at one time than what it is today way bigger.

People who think the Steam box will conquer? That is hilarious, people already have PC's and a number of other things to casually game on.

People who do want gaming PC's already have them and are already probably using Steam. They aren't going to spend $700-$1000 for a little mid range box just for a optimized version of Steam. When they could build a PC for far cheaper that fits their needs more with the same specs and still access Steam, hell they could even build one with a small case for cheaper also.

May not be as small but I don't need a PC that small it seems very unreliable. Enthusiast won't touch that, if it isn't for enthusiast and it isn't for casuals than who is it going to sell to PC wise? It will be even more of a niche market than what gaming PC's are apart of now.

Now everyone is all obsessed with these Windows 8 tablet PC's.. Yet another nail in the coffin for the steam box, most those casuals will be wasting their money on that not the Steam box.

It for sure won't compete with consoles either, the PS4 sadly is probably more powerful than that expensive box and no doubt won't cost that much.. but the thing is for $1000 bucks you could build a PC more powerful than the PS4 and the Steam box..

So many things going against this box I seriously question how anyone thinks it will be a success.
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