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Upcoming Wii U Update Will Decrease Load Times

Next month, Nintendo will upload a new update for the Wii U which "adds new features and further improves the user experience". It will specifically speed up load times for games. Shingeru Myamoto responded to the question of why this wasn't addressed before the console was launched. (Wii U)

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Godchild1020  +   503d ago
This is not a flame bait comment or anything, just an observation. From the lack of games for the past 2 months and the updates to improve the system with load times and other stuff, it seems like Nintendo released the console too early.

The load times were bad when it first released and the update did take a while, but that could be due to the amount of people downloading the update. Now that the update is on the console and it only took a few months, I think Nintendo could have benefited from waiting a until February to release the console instead of November of last year. Rayman Legends would have stayed exclusive or at least would have released on time and there would have been games releasing every week from the release date.
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PopRocks359  +   503d ago
I can concede to that. My Wii U would suffer freezing issues after a few straight hours of play prior to the first post launch update. OS and software-wise it does feel rushed out. Otherwise, it runs fine and Nintendo is at least doing what they can to improve upon the system.
darthv72  +   503d ago
wasn't there...
a new update released a couple of days ago? I was using the wii-u last night but never prompted to do any new update so I would think it was probably optional.

Just curious if it fixed anything for anyone who updated recently.

As for the one coming soon, I am really curious if they will reduce the footprint of the OS and give back some of that space that is set aside for its use.

I would think they can eventually get the OS down to a smaller size that uses less resources to speed up the system overall. Like what MS had been doing with the 360 over time. Then again, MS is more about software and operating system experience than nintendo.

In some weird way....they make an agreement to have MS help them with refining the wii-u OS in exchange for some mario rights on the next xbox....yeah like that would happen.
MNGamer-N  +   503d ago
I agree. Why rush the system out when the games are being delayed anyway? Doesn't make much sense. But the past is the past, I'm now looking forward to the update and some more new games.
Godmars290  +   503d ago
So they could make Holiday sales. The industry has always been pushed more by timetables and profit than quality.
Munnkyman  +   503d ago
I def agree with about it being realse early. My wii u would freeze quite a bit in the beginning. Now it does it only on Hulu
Nevers0ft  +   503d ago
I pretty much agree with what the guys above said... The OS certainly wasn't ready at launch. There's weird omissions, slow loading, lack of uniformity in interfaces and just a general feeling of "Just make it work in time for launch" about it.

I'm fine (in a way) with the current game drought though, it's not unique to the Wii U. Anybody who has bought a launch console in the past will have experienced similar. When I say "I'm fine" with it - don't get me wrong, I'm gagging for some new games but I expected this to happen.
deafdani  +   503d ago
As superficial as this answer can sound, the reason why Nintendo released the Wii U on november instead of february is simple: sales. November is a killer date to release a new console, with Black Friday and the shopping frenzy before the Holidays begin.

February, on the other hand, is a terrible month to release new hardware.

It all really comes down to that. Nintendo put a deadline to launch the Wii U at november, so I guess everyone crunched overtime to try and get as much as ready as possible, but still there were things that didn't make the date, so they're addressing these things now.
MegaLagann  +   503d ago
As much as I love my Wii U and think Nintendo will be fine and the Wii U will be a success, I do agree the console was rushed to launch and Nintendo screwed up the launch big time.

The OS was and still is slow, there were a couple times where it would freeze booting up Miiverse or exiting out of a game, services weren't ready, games weren't ready, it seems like Nintendo rushed the system out to get the initial holiday sales.
richierich  +   503d ago
I think its time for another Nintendo Direct that focuses on Wii U games because the next few months looks a little dry apart from Lego City
Godchild1020  +   503d ago
Not really, Lego City will do well because it's a Lego game and they tend to sell well. I don't know System seller well, but this is the first Lego game to be exclusive to a a console. And it's a Nintendo published title, I expect some legs on this. And it's price reasonably.

Monster Hunter could do okay, but it's also on the 3DS, so that may do more harm then good.

You got N4S:MW, the best version on consoles, its late but hey you never know and then you have Injustice. Injustice is a Mulitplatofrm title, so I don't expect amazing sales on the Wii U, but I expect good things from the Game Pad.

Its the months between late April and September that worries me.
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falcon79  +   503d ago
MegaLagann  +   503d ago
I think in a week or two we'll see a new ND for Wii U. Probably announce release dates for Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 (at least I hope to god they do) show off the OS update and maybe even announce some new third and first party Wii U games. They need to do all they can to get Wii U sales up.
ZeekQuattro  +   503d ago
I'm hoping the next direct mentions some solid dates for Nintendo games as well as other companies.
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Deku-Johnny  +   503d ago
Finally, I can't wait for this update. I got my Wii U at launch and the only problem I've had with it so far is that the loading times are rather slow.
worldwidegaming  +   503d ago
Just in time for monster hunter..nice!
MNGamer-N  +   503d ago
Are you getting both for 3ds and wii U? I'm only getting the WiiU version, undecided on 3ds...
josephayal  +   503d ago
it's getting better and better
Dubaman  +   503d ago
So WiiU has updates that helps improve player experience and people are seeing a negative in this. This is what console gaming has become; constant updates and patches, online multiplayer taking credence over single player and DLC up the arse. It's our fault for accepting it. The idea and concept behind consoles being gaming machines of convenience is disappearing. Remember when you could put a game in, turn it on and BAM! There's the game. Now we have to go through menu's or patches. They're essentially becoming PC's which you can't upgrade.
My WiiU seems to be running very smoothly and switches between apps and games damn near instantly (especially compared to what it was). Though i use an external HDD for all my downloads so maybe that helps out. Either way, Nintendo are listening, more than what they are known for, and making changes we want. Does everyone forget that the X360 needed an update to actually output in HD? That was the 6th patch....S i x t h
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ISNeko  +   503d ago
Looking forward to the patch. The load times for the system aren't so slow that they take away my life, but I always find it strange that I have to get a Please Wait... window for a grand total of 2-1/2 seconds.

If games open up quicker, I'll be very happy.

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