PlayStation 4 Provides Strength for PC Platform

"PlayStation 4 provides strength for the PC platform, NVIDIA announces PlayStation 4’s support of two software development kits, and Sony Santa Monica offers an exciting God of War: Ascension promise."

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Ashunderfire861985d ago

PS4 all the way to launch and gonna play God of War Ascension in gorgeous HD!!! Who's with me?

nitrogav1984d ago

At last . Someone else as come up with the same answer . Ps4 is good for the flagging pc community . Really really good . No more console ports . The real deal when it comes
to games .

stuna11984d ago

I agree with you, but yet you have those around every corner trying to tear apart the PS4, not realising that this is a WIN/WIN on all sides.

Xristo1984d ago

As a mostly exclusive PC gamer, I'm crazy excited for the PS4. This is a win/win for Console and PC gamers alike!