Aliens: Colonial Marines Updated on PlayStation 3, Patch Includes Many Fixes

If you’re still playing Aliens: Colonial Marines on your PS3 and have been encountering some issues that you wish Gearbox would fix, they released a brand new patch for the game today, hopefully addressing some of your concerns.

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Nitrowolf21813d ago

Oh boy they added dog collars to the Aliens!! Can't wait to wear them, totally something that the Aliens would have. /S

Honestly if they were going to do more appearances they should have gone with more skins like net or even number six.

TrendyGamers1813d ago

I guess Tomb Raider will have dethroned this as the fastest selling game of 2013.

Wedge191813d ago

Update immediately burns your disc. makes everything better.

ftwrthtx1813d ago

If you put perfume on crap, does it not still smell like crap underneath?

fsfsxii1813d ago

You can polish a turd but its still a turd

Kos-Mos1812d ago

Haha. Comment of today.

fsfsxii1812d ago

I quoted that, but thanks!

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The story is too old to be commented.