Always online DRM and reviews don’t mix: SimCity edition

From the article, "SimCity has become an interesting game recently. It’s a game that was reviewed positively by a number of outlets with scores ranging in the 9s and 10s. Its current Metacritic scores are 82% by critics and 1.8 by users. Seeing the two scores could make a person think the two groups are playing two different games. They wouldn’t be completely wrong either thanks to the choice by Electronics Arts and Maxis to use the controversial “Always Online DRM” for the popular simulation game."

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NYC_Gamer2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

The reviewers should have waited until the servers were public before giving out scores

kevnb2025d ago

i dont think launch server issues are really relevant in a review.

pompombrum2025d ago

Three days after launch, issues stopping people from playing the game they paid for become very relevant and I'm glad reviews are reflecting this.

sdozzo2025d ago

Can't publishers block reviews until full release if they want.

JsonHenry2025d ago

I really wonder if this is going to be a problem with the new consoles. Are they not rumored to be "always on" or is it just Microsoft?

Dread2025d ago

it is not yet clear, Sony has been a bit vague about it, although one of its CEO's said that you can play offline, but the devloper and/or publisher of the game might impose its own restrictions. MS has not said anything yet, but it is rumored that they might require an always on connection.

If its true then it super sucks for gamers.

pompombrum2025d ago

It won't happen, it will limit the audience too much. I can think of a good few friends of mine who don't have their consoles online. Also Sim City is a cautionary tale as to why always online would be a ridiculous idea for consoles. Imagine something like Sim City happened with consoles stopping people from using them because XBL/PSN was down? That would be a PR nightmare.

PotatoClock2024d ago

Ubisoft already backed off the always on DRM because of these types of problems affecting their PR.
That didn't stop EA though.

I'd say it's not a given that a company like Microsoft wouldn't do an 'always on' DRM.
The numbers playing CoD online would make them feel like they wouldn't lose many to an 'always on' system like that.

And these big companies have become hell-bent on stamping out piracy, no matter how big or small it is.

kevnb2025d ago

I think its going to be up to the publisher.

ThreshStar2025d ago

Probably not DRM / Piracy as it will most likely be a lot harder for consles.

Advertising potential? Gaming stat collection for future plans like DLC, microtransactions, etc? Social networking oversight for future projects?

....If above are potential for more $$$$ for either Microsoft or SONY, then my answer is:

Absolutely. Maybe not in the BEGINNING due to the Diablo/SimCity fiascos, but give it a year or two.

Omni-Tool2025d ago

“EA is selling us something that isn’t quite a game. It’s access to a game as a service.”

This "service" sucks!!!

If this was a waitress/waiter at a restaurant, I would not leave a tip and would have let the manager know about the poor service that was provided. Not make a big scene, just let them know what was wrong and give them a chance to fix it. Whether or not they fix it doesn't matter because I will not be back there ever again.

Si-Fly2025d ago

Chef keeps cooking the food but the bloody waiter keeps dropping the plates on the way to the table!

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

yeah man shit is lame.. what if i want to play alone.. wack