The Darkness 2 - A Flawed Genius

As part of our Late to the Party series Drew tackles The Darkness 2. A game with potential, and faults.

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Agent_00_Revan2022d ago

Darkness 2 was good. It was Way too short and the story wasn't as interesting. The controls greatly improved. But in the end, I did feel disappointed. Mostly that I bought it at full price because it stopped so freaking fast.

I_am_Batman2022d ago

It was short but it did have an interessting multiplayer so you get a lot of time out of that game if you want. I still think that the original was better because of it's mood but I really enjoyed the Darkness 2 as well.

Derekvinyard132022d ago

I missed the atmosphere they had in the first one plus the voice actor

TedCruzsTaint2022d ago

I enjoyed it.
Thought it improved on the combat, but, I don't know, it wasn't as gritty as the original and certainly didn't have the same feel.
Still feel, everything said and done, that the original was better.

BanBrother2022d ago

Original is one of my favourite games of all time, legendary. The Darkness 2 was a really good game, but compared to the first, it comes nowhere near.

I hope they do 'The Darkness 2', and continue on from the first, rather than have a sort of comic book/game cross-over. It felt like'it was trying to please'both crowds, when it should have stuck to its gritty, dark and dare I say 'realistic' roots. The comics are the comics. The game was the game, and amazing at that.

God knows how stupid The Darkness 3 would be, with all the devil/angel crap.

ctorretta2022d ago

Best part of D2 was how when you got a good grasp of the controls, you felt like a bladed storm of death whenever you went into combat.

Been a while since I felt that powerful in a FPS, walk into a room and everything explodes into limbs and pain and screams.

It was too short and story wasn't as good as the first one though. Also, I didn't think the new art style worked that well. I know it was suppose to be comicbook esque, but the first one succeeded just fine without it.