Gears of War: Judgment is 'Colorful', Say Epic Games Devs

Gameranx: "The developers of Epic Games talked about how the Xbox 360 has more to offer to developers in spite of its age."

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TheFamous11987d ago

Gears of War is tired.. they are good games, but a little overrated in my opinion.

BanBrother1987d ago

No, they are not overrated. You just don't like them. A game can be good and you can just not like it at the same time.... Like GTA4 for example.

TheFamous11982d ago

It actually is - the story is fairly generic and bland for a game of such praise. Do you really give a shit about Marcus Fenix? Not really. When was the last time you checked to see how many people were playing Gears of War 3 online? Statistics and facts don't lie. The game is a good third person action shooter - but hardly a system selling killer application.

IQUITN4G1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

If anything this does look strikingly visually good. The intensity does show through as well which in fact is the first thing I saw as a difference from previous games. Unfortunately it also looks like most people will pass it it by. It could be the best one yet in action terms

vikingland11987d ago

I will be getting this game for sure . I think the Gears Of War games are a blast to play. And I have played all 3 previous games in the series.

4lc4pon31987d ago

Yesir. Cant wait I love the gears series

blackstrr4111987d ago

Everything GOW is tired. Pls new ip's

Dakriz1987d ago

YES my friend you are so right God of War is such a drag tired series. There's 6 games already they really need to put it to rest. SO YES GOW Needs to rest in peace for good.

4lc4pon31987d ago

haha no one said GOD OF WAR this is Gears of war. Can you read?

Dakriz1987d ago

Last time I check GOW is an acronyms of God of War and all I did was state my stress how the series has been milk thru 3 systems and we are growing tired of it. Don't hate I read n all I did was agreed.

DigitalSmoke1987d ago

The roll spamming in this game is goofy as hell.

tigertron1987d ago

We all do it, don't deny it.

"Fight through the pain!" *rolls*

BanBrother1987d ago

You can't really spam the roll though, any Gears player would know that. You get stopped by bullets, and after you get up from a roll, there is a delay. Red Dead Redemption is spam rolling, not this.