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Hideo Kojima on Sony’s PS4 plans

Hideo Kojima has described PS4 as a logical evolution of the PlayStation platform and welcomed its social aspects, but stressed the importance of quality software for the next-gen console. (Hideo Kojima, PS4)

DeletedAcc  +   692d ago
Hideo is awesome, cant w8 to see SH or MGS on ps4
Hideo Kojima X Naughty Dog

The uncharted snake of us ON PS4
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Blackhawk3  +   692d ago
My Avatar is all you need to know how I feel about Hideo. :-)
DeletedAcc  +   692d ago

irepbtown  +   692d ago
Am I the only one who noticed Hideo's badass glasses?

I cant get enough of it!!!
I don't wear glasses and I want one.
FITgamer  +   692d ago
! (just imagine it in red)
Kos-Mos  +   692d ago
Was it hard to write ait? The number 8 is just so so so childish.
pandaboy  +   692d ago
was it really that much harder just to write eight? the number 8 is so childish...
JP1369  +   692d ago
Is that really how you think it's spelled?
clearelite  +   692d ago
Yet sackboy is the one actually on topic.

I'm sure Kojima will find something to do with the new hardware.
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showtimefolks  +   692d ago
its all about games for any systems, just look at wiiu

can't wait to see his games on next gen systems and pc
kamikazepikmin  +   692d ago
no offense but thats a stupid idea
Darrius Cole  +   692d ago
Tagged so I can read it later


But I don't like the idea of putting Snake in an Uncharted game either.
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j-blaze  +   691d ago
the topic is misleading, he says nothing about any plan

@ Sackboy305

a genius like Kojima will never work with an average bragging rats dev like ND, Kojima must not go down to their level, also, his next game will not be exclusive
Y_5150  +   691d ago
And yet He said he was impressed by Uncharted.
BlmThug  +   691d ago
Koji is the god of the gaming world. I just completed MGS4 yesterday for the first time and it is by far the greatest game in history :') every single thing about the game was perfect
Blacktric  +   692d ago
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UnholyLight  +   692d ago
Since Im going to be joining the Sony boat with the PS4...Does Kojima try to look like a total badass or does it just come natural. haha
kane_1371  +   691d ago
It just comes Natural, he is always like this, A total Badass
UnholyLight  +   691d ago
Natural Born Badass.
2pacalypsenow  +   692d ago
Ok now make some Exclusive MGS games on playstation!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   692d ago
hell...wait for it...YES!
007Bond   692d ago | Offensive
Y_5150  +   691d ago
Who thinks all the disagrees are from people who bought MGSR for Xbox360? it's understandable to dislike if so.
Doesn't matter what he does on PS4 since his games will be on multiple platforms anyway. I'd rather play them on PC if that's the case.
secretcode  +   692d ago
The gun. You have clearly jumped it.
LOL_WUT  +   692d ago
Yoda? :O
secretcode  +   692d ago
No. Hank Hill.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   692d ago
Hey Hank knock this guy out with a propane tank. That'll teach him.
RumbleFish  +   692d ago
I just can't understand why console gamers and PC gamers have to fight.
I think anybody should enjoy the games on his platform of choice.
Why the hate? It's annoying!
And it's getting worse on this site...
a_bro  +   692d ago
well, his engine was built for multiple platforms in mind, and its scalable. As long as his games doesnt suffer from quality and uses each platforms strengths, then i dont mind.

Ground Zeroes on PC would be pretty beast now that i think about it.
_QQ_  +   692d ago
I agree, but only if i hook up my rig to my TV and if the PC versions support Sony Dualshock controllers, MGS would't feel right any other way.
raytraceme  +   692d ago
As a pc/PlayStation player I use my ds3 using ds3tool on my pc. PC/PlayStation best gaming combo imo.
kamikazepikmin   692d ago | Trolling | show
smashcrashbash  +   692d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4.That's all I need to say.
brich233  +   692d ago
63 people have shitty PCs.
Tzuno  +   692d ago
Ha the guy nailed the fan-boys. Now Mr.Kojima my respect for you is deeper. Spoken like a true man.
Pillsbury1  +   692d ago
Kojima + ps4 = absolutely amazing
blackbirdi  +   692d ago
i have th impression he is not satisfied with sony ps4 ?
Crystallis  +   692d ago
He said it was great. " First of all, I think that’s great, but it’s nothing special; you could see it coming. It’s the logical evolution of the platform and I think it has to head in that direction, hearing what you said is not surprising.”

I like what he said here too. "What will really determine whether or not it sells is what titles will be available for the platform"

This guy is a perfectionist. Basically what hes saying is "i don't care how social or powerful the console is, if you cant produce high quality titles then its all for naught.

Basically means its all about the games.
blackbirdi  +   692d ago
well 8 years ago he was prasing the ps3 and how much powerful it was...i don t know this time he don t talk too much like at that time where the ps3 was announced
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RememberThe357  +   692d ago
He did seem a little more lukewarm about the PS4. I think he did want more out of it, but he's a realist as much as a visionary and I think he know that pushing farther wasn't possible this timer around. Theres less mystery as well and for all the people who like knowing what they're dealing with there's someone like him who loves learning new things and working through problems.

It's disappointing to me that not enough devs asked Sony, "give me something I've never seem before." If they're not asking the same questions their fans are how are they ever going to find the right answers?
MikeMyers  +   692d ago
It's because he knows hardware is only part of it. Nintendo can make amazing games like Mario Galaxy on weak hardware. I find it interesting he actually thought he would get some inside scoop on what others are making for it. Does he really think he has that type of relationship with Sony?
boldscot  +   692d ago
Have to agree with him, we know his projects and a few other developers will bring quality titles but if a game like COD remains the at pinnacle of gaming then what's the point in having all the new hardware.
rammstein91  +   692d ago
i wonder ground zeroes release date?kojima..kept us waiting huh?
contradictory  +   692d ago
hahah i see what you did there
Batzi  +   692d ago
March 27th a new trailer will be shown.
breakpad  +   692d ago
Sony convince Kojima to make a MGS5 exclusive for a launch game on PS4 and see your console acceptance reaching new heights...if you had supported Kojima to make PS3 exclusives it wouldnt take so much time to win the console race....
KwietStorm  +   692d ago
No amount of money can convince someone to do something impossible.
Snakefist30  +   692d ago
It is possible cause sony is doing the Mgs movie.They could make a deal out of it!
KwietStorm  +   692d ago

Not only is that a last ditch stretch of a olive branch, it won't change the fact that Metal Gear Solid 5 will not launch alongside anything. And Kojima has no obligations, nor desires, to rush anything for the sake of some other company's product.
theWB27  +   692d ago
Can I ask, as a gamer, why it matters if Sony "wins" the console race? What new heights will it reach sonce MG has ALWAYS been exclusive up until the recent ports and MG2. What happiness do you gamers get if Sony or whomever wins the race.

The reason we are getting such great games across the board is because no-one is actually winning anything. The constant competition between the companies is the best thing that could happen.
rainslacker  +   692d ago
I don't disagree with you. There are however advantages to having a single dominant console.

The PS2 is undeniably the winner of it's generation. From that dominance of the market place I would say the games and ideas that came about during it's time were much better than most of the games that have come out today. Even with increased competition between console manufactures and game developers themselves, there has been very little innovation to game play or ideas that were around last gen. There were quite literally enough PS2's sold that there was a lot less risk involved in publishing a title. There is a reason it is considered the golden age of gaming.

The downside is that with that dominance, Sony did become a bit complacent at the beginning of this gen, and it allowed others to really get a hold in the market. The competition itself this gen though has made all the companies become better, and it's the first generation where we've seen a huge difference in the hardware and quality of services offered change drastically throughout it's lifetime.

Other than that, "winning" the console war is just for bragging rights for people who feel the need to live vicariously through an inanimate object. Something to feel good about I guess.
breakpad  +   691d ago
@ theWb27 It s nice to see that the winner is the fairest to the consumer company of the competition ...(obviously Sony-no gimmicks,no extra charges,solid exclusives....and if it wasnt MS in the game to hold pS3 power back with her multiplatform strategy we would see exceptional games...end of story,objectively without any fanboysm
CaptainYesterday  +   692d ago
I just can't wait to see what he has planned for the PS4 :)
lapiopoop  +   691d ago
Everyone can't wait to see what hes got planned
black911  +   692d ago
If its on the 720 I don't Care!
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mistertwoturbo  +   692d ago
To sum up what he said.

"Well no sh*t it's going to be better than current gen. Did you expect it to be otherwise? Now let's see some good games. And F*ck you Mark Cerny, we ate together at dinner last night and you didn't mention the PS4 specs!"
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oldassgamer  +   692d ago
Great summation. Does sound like he's a little perturbed at not getting the inside scoop. Maybe Kojima told Sony that MGS:GZ was not going to be a PS4 exclusive, and they gave him the big finger.
Cryptcuzz  +   692d ago
Its either that or he has been in the loop about it the whole time and will shock everyone once he's shown what he's been working on.

I find it difficult that Sony would not have him know about the PS4 the whole time considering how close he seems to be with Mark Cerny and Sony in general.

Of course he is not a first party dev, but I believe he has been in the loop in terms of the earliest Sony would secretly let a third party dev know about the system.

Food for thought: Kojima is notorious for and loves to tease and mislead, then BOOOOM!!!
DonFreezer  +   691d ago
Nah more like F you Mark Cerny I have recieved your paycheck at dinner last night and you didn't mention the specs of the console I was payed to make games for.
portal_2  +   692d ago
Ground Zeroes pls
Psycho_Mantis  +   692d ago
Kojima looked liked he aged a lot over the years when you look back on his older pics. But still though which brings me to this point i find rather interesting is that in an old interview in PSM magazine he states that "I will continue to make games until im dead."

Very inspiring words from him....
segamon  +   692d ago
where is Zone of the Enders 3 ya kojima?
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aeon280  +   692d ago
PS4=ZOE3 and Snatcher remake. Fingers crossed.
Dagobert  +   692d ago
It's all about that PSQuad nigga.
DarkHeroZX  +   692d ago
I approve this comment.
DarkHeroZX  +   692d ago
Can't wait!
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zeldafreak404   692d ago | Offensive
Adolph Fitler  +   692d ago
hahhaha at little Zeldafreak

If that were true, he would not release his games on MS's consoles. In fact, I think even his Castlevania new game that he is overseeing Mercury Steam doing, is coming to that little, childs toy, you try to pass off as a handheld. Ease up, kid...He is just another developer that enjoys working with Sony on there machines, due to there excellent developer to platform manufacturer relationship, that Sony seem to be renowned for...Your little Nintendo, could learn something, in this regard from Sony, & maybe had they had the same respect for 3rd party developers & maybe they'd have more than 3 games on there new flop of a system. But, as you are a disrespectful, little turd, with non-factual statements about ONE of THE BEST developers of our time, then you obviously wouldn't support a company, or developer that has such values.

Moving on from the fools that dwell within the cyber walls of N4G's.. It will be awesome to see Kojima's talent put to use on next gen machines, including the PS4. He did a great job, even of helping get many other Konami IP's back on track. I believe on such success story was his overseeing of Mercury Steams redo of the Castlevania series. Castlevania: LOTS is just another example of his & Konami's brilliance, & the upcoming sequel looks to be an improvement & betterment of this in every single facet.
It will be nice if Mercury Steam continue the series on PS4 & 720, as the series will be more than ready for next gen, after I've finished LOTS2.

And a new MGS, as well as MGS: Rising would be welcome additions to join the next gen sequel ranks.
It would also be nice to see hideo & his team do a totally new IP, exclusively for PS4 (to prove his Sony "dick riding" loyalties....lol).
In seriousness though, it would be great to see Hideo's fanboys stop carrying on stupid, when Hideo states he'd like to move on & try something outside the MGS universe... I mean, imagine he is given that freedom to do whatever the hell he'd like, as I believe his creative juices are suffering, by being held hostage by rabid fanboys that say they will kill him if he doesn't continue being bored out of his skull making MGS games until the day he dies.
Let the guy make an open world crime simulator I say, as whatever he does, that involves his full attention, passion, creativity, innovativeness, & burning desire to create, is only going to benefit us gamers, far more than a MGS sequel that he really is, just going through the motions on. Maybe he would give us even more of his brilliant, innovative gameplay, rather than just add filler, non-sensical fmv sequences to yet another MGS sequel, prequel, or which or whatever.
zeldafreak404  +   692d ago
Flop lmao how that vita coming along and yes I know hideo is a great developer and I dont disike the guy Ive played most of his games
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Xtremist  +   692d ago
Kojima going multiplatform is Good news for gamers because they will be able to enjoy the next iteration of MGS regardless of their platform of choice.
Unfortunately its Bad news for sony because they lost one of their flagship exclusives. MGS wont be anymore a decisive factor in buying a console.
DonFreezer  +   691d ago
Nah as you can see from the disagress ps3 fanboys think MGS is shit.Every major ps3 game that has come to the 360 is now shit according to them.
Moebius69  +   691d ago
MGS was never exclusive to Sony
Legendary-Status  +   692d ago
He seems piss he wants the low down...there so much we don't know about the ps4 or next x box
level 360  +   692d ago
Those are one bloodytastic spectacles Mr. Kojima!..

..and quite simply an honest insight.
TuxedoMoon  +   692d ago
We just have to wait what Kojima has in store for the ps4.
Please remake Snatcher...
Unlimax  +   691d ago
Ok Kojima we love you but don't do anything stupid against Sony .

Thanks :3
EffectO  +   691d ago
Not the answer that Sony fans were expecting.Hmm...
Adolph Fitler  +   691d ago

"Flop lmao how that vita coming along"

Oh, why's that sonny, won't mummy buy you one... I've been paying her over the required child support amount necessary, so she should be able to afford one for you.
But anyway, I own one & it is great, thank for asking. If you weren't from a family that relies on welfare cheques & foodstamps, you too could own THE BEST, most powerful handheld ever made.
But, at least you can be proud bashing what you haven't had the honor, pleasure & fun to experience. And, you should take pride I your hatred for the evil babykilling Sony corp. & NEVER buy there consoles or handhelds, as it would be silly to support anyone other than Nintendo, in this business, as Nintendo are all & only about there customers.
Nintendo are a company that have never been interested in irrelevant things such as profits & such. Nintendo have always been about giving consumers the most powerful console, for there moneys worth. They absolutely detest churning sequel upon sequel of the same games, & game characters, & unlike other companies, they don't go round making popular characters from 35yr ago, appear in every single game franchise they can. That is just how they roll....And, they would certainly not alienate 3rd party developers & give them no help or support in making software for there highly custom, proprietry home consoles, yet charge them large fees for the privalage of making games on there machines.....That just isn't Nintendo.....Which explains the MASSIVE, unrivalled 3rd party support that Nintendo machines have enjoyed in there history, & especially from the N64 period onwards.

Anyway, I will certainly be trading my Wii-U towards a PS4, as Wii-U's, unwavering popularity is not my go, I would rather support the underdog, as Nintendo new machine is selling so fast, & gaining so much mainstream sales, that my 1 extra number on the trillions Wii-U has already sucked in, with it's MASSIVE powergap on current machines, as well as it's vast, never ending catalogue of highly original games, intimidating number of AAA+ new IP's before me in game store shelves, just confuses my poor underpowered PS & Xbox oriented mind. So, it looks as though, I'll have to suffer & just buy a PS4 & 720, so the less catalogue of quality games, these machines will suffer, won't overload my brain & wallet, like the Wii-U would, if I decided to keep it, instead of trading it towards my povo PS4.
I'm scared that Wii-U's 2nd gen wave of games will sear my sensitive eyeballs out too, as my 1st gen games, such as Mario 2D, Sonic All Stars Racing: Unhinged, Nintendoland & such, COD, & others, are so blisteringly sharp & beautiful looking that my head will explode from there shear beauty.
I remember unboxing & firing up my new Wii-U Xmas day, & my eyeballs got so badly damaged from Nintendolands out of this world graphics, that now, when I fire up COD:BlOps2 on Wii-U & PS3, I cannot see any graphics differences...I mean, it's frustrating to be aware that my once 20/20 vision, has been so badly damaged that I can't tell the difference between the same game on a 7yr old crap console like PS3, as opposed to a 3 gens ahead, revolutionarily powerful beast of a consoles in the Wii-U. Scary. I'm hopping Nintendoland 2's graphics will be so mindnumbingly brilliant, that it will burn my eyes back in, when I fire it up.
zeldafreak404  +   691d ago
too long did not read
NateCole  +   691d ago
MGS is alerady mp. I dont understand why my fellow ps fans are wtill hoping it will be exclusive. I am 100 percent sure it will be on the next xbox as well. 3rd party exclusive is dead.

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