Top 5 Best Sandbox Games

TGBuzz: The genre of “Sandbox Games” is known by most gamers nowadays, due to its unique and open-world feel that all types of gamers can appreciate. Here’s a list of our Top 5 Best Sandbox Games ever.

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Tiqila1622d ago

those are good ones, also red dead redemption and borderlands could be added to that list!

Tsuru1622d ago

borderlands isnt a sandbox.

Tiqila1622d ago

and fallout is? where exactly do you draw the line?

Tsuru1621d ago

Because borderlands has a story line that makes you follow it and its linear. You can do sidequests along the way of the story. Fallout/skyrim etc dont restrict the places you can go. You can venture out anywhere at anytime.

Gamesgbkiller1622d ago

RDR should be number 1
If there is another spot , I would say Just Cause 2.

A2X_1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

One of the best sandbox games out there (RDR). Easily deserves a spot in the list.

Donnieboi1622d ago

My faves:
sAn andreas
Saints row 2
INfamous 2
(I'd like to add "Dark Souls" as a sandbox rpg, but I dunno if it really qualifies)

rpd1231622d ago

I think RDR and AC2 should be in here.

Scenarist1622d ago

other than minecraft

i think the terms "sandbox" and "open world" are confused

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