Sexism in Video Games (PSU)

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DragonKnight1988d ago

This I think perfectly encapsulates the arguments of both sides in terms of gaming. Humour is injected to try and keep the tone light, but it's definitely clear what's being said. I liked Max's soapbox portion because I agree that sexist and misogyny are words that are being misused and have become buzzwords to start an argument.

Rebekka makes some valid points but still seems to come off on the position that a woman's plight is more substantial, and more important to look at then the sexualization of men in gaming. What's even worse is the underlying and never spoken about nihilism against men in gaming.

Ivy is a often used scapegoat to launch a feminist discussion and the body armor issue is as well. I view this as too many people having narrow views and narrow minds. You're looking at Ivy wearing a leather strap and having huge breasts and a thing waist and seeing a problem. You're NOT looking at the fact that she's kicking the ass of Nightmare and any other man trying to get in her way. That is a bigger problem. Rather than looking for the positive aspect of Ivy's character, you're attaching the negative emotions and claiming Ivy is devaluing women but why? How? Because she looks hot and flaunts it? What's wrong with that? Is it really because she's devaluing women or is it because there are women who don't look like Ivy?

It's an interesting perspective because everyone in the world loves attention. Our character is revealed in how we deal with attention being given to others and not ourselves. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, but many view their own worth in how others treat them or those around them. A person may feel unattractive if members of the opposite sex are paying more attention to anyone but them, and then they can transfer those feelings into any number of areas of life. I believe this to be a part of the problem and why sexism or misogyny isn't even the biggest issue.

Then there's the body armor issue. This issue makes it seem like people want to play more gender neutral games. Truth is, you'd be surprised how many male gamers hate having their character completely covered up. I remember reading many comments about male users who don't wear head armor on their male character in Skyrim because they don't like not being able to see the face of their character. In the PC version of Skyrim, you can unlock and equip Tsun's armor which dramatically sexualizes a male Dovahkiin.

The issue of sexism has too many personal feelings attached to it, and that's why it will never be "resolved."

But this is a great article.

Peka_Fais1987d ago

I dont give a fuck about sexism in videogames