Survival is the Name of the Game ['The Last of Us' Hands On Impressions]

4Player-"The demo we were shown was not only a brand new environment but also the first demo that focused on combat with "the infected" creatures (creatures that had only been teased in previous promotional material). The demo introduced a new female character named Tess that has teamed up with Joel and Ellie as they battle their way through the rubble of a destroyed office building. The demo was carefully constructed to show off everything from the methodical pacing to the inventory/crafting system to the heart-pounding combat with some truly fearsome enemies."

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lovegames7181961d ago

I just want this game name. Im a big survival horror fan and just cant wait to delve into this game. I hope its as good within the survival horror genre as Dead Space 1 was.

MestreRothN4G1961d ago

It's the survival genre survival.

GiantFriendlyCrab1961d ago

btw what happened to until dawn, is that game still coming to ps3?

JAM_brz1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

And again (thank God), let the fear begin...

I already can imagine, later night, all dark in my room, headphones, and... the game... bring it to me

ps1: This is the kind of game that we lose tension and fun if we play during the day...

ps2: are you hearing CAPCOM? That was for you...

Skyliner121961d ago

This looks like it could turn out to be a good character game as well as something spooky.