Dear Game Devs: Please Stop Telling Us $60 Isn’t A Lot Of Money Dan Seitz explaining why 60 dollars are too much for an average gamer.

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Xaphy1956d ago

60$ excluding microtransactions and day one DLC.

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NewMonday1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

publishers know most of their games are not worth 60$, they tack on gimmicks to justify the price. many drop the price of games fast but they crave the impulsive gamers paying 60$ for a 30$-40$ game.

the market needs a mid-pricing category (25$-40$), with an average 5m$ development budget they will brake even at 200k of sales, after that it's all profit. (these numbers are just hypothetical).

to get an Idea what 5m$ can do for a game, Witcher 2 cost about 7m$.

Donnieboi1956d ago

@Xaphy: Agreed! And how about games not being only 5 hours? $60 is too much for a game i can beat in a weekend. If their too lazy to make the game last longer, than they should be paid accordingly--$20 to $30 for short games. If they want $60, then step it up and lengthen the game (but dont drag story on if it can't be stretched, just add a time attack mode, or multiplayer (well thought out, not tacked on (but that time also coulda been spent making campaign longer-_-), co-op, level editor...SOMETHING to compensate us for having blown $60 on their 5 hour games.

3-4-51956d ago

20-30% of games made are worth $60.00

another 20% are worth 50$ and the rest should be $30-40

Seraphim1955d ago

and when they're $40-50 suddenly it's "because the developer knows their game isn't that good" so I'm not paying it. It's a lose lose for publishers. Though ultimately I do believe most games should fall in the $40-50 just like last gen, the gen before, etc. Even those worth $60 generally get more than enough sales to compensate.

Arguing length is mute. Nintendo games often took a couple hours to beat. One comment mentioned tacking on extra hours but not dragging out the story. That is exactly why it's only 6-8 hours long. They didn't want to drag out the story and completed what they needed to do in X time. Personally I feel a lot of these games are worth playing twice or more. Plus the added benefit of trophies for playing through a 2nd, 3rd time only gives motivation. Even if slight it's there. A games length bares no relevance it's value to me. Either it's worth it or it's not. Give me a 3-4 hours campaign w/ online then you'll hear me complain unless it's something extraordinary.

rainslacker1955d ago


Sony dropped the price of Sly4 to $40 because it's what they felt was a reasonable price for the game based on it's budget, and it's projected sales. I think by doing so they probably even got more sales from it.

Price isn't always equated to quality, but there is a definite consumer mentality that cheaper is of lesser quality, which is at odds to consumers who don't want to spend more than they have to.

There is a whole business side to sales vs price, but that's going a bit far for this topic.

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lovegames7181956d ago

Seriously, these devs when they sell a good amount make alot of money. Well in actuality the publishers i believe are making the large bulk of money so maybe these devs need to revisit the contracts they have with these publishers. Add on the DLC milk fest and now micro transactions and these guys are making a pretty penny.

SethAFitzgerald1956d ago

Personally $50 is the price I think it should be for games. Even though I do not know how much better that would make it for the average gamer who doesn't have tons of money to spend.

Cupid_Viper_31956d ago

I`ve said the same thing in another thread. At $50 I`m much more likely to walk into a store and buy 2 games for $100.00 as opposed to how things are now.

And although I hate (and I don`t use that word lightly) DLCs, they should never cost more than $4.99 in my opinion. They would sell a lot more them if they actually priced it for what it`s really worth. 99% of DLC`s don`t even amount 25% of the content found on the original disc, then why are we being charged $14.99 = %25 of $60 which is the price of a new game?

$50.00 games, and $4.99 DLCs and I'm a happy camper for now.

banjadude1956d ago

Also, get rid of that BS with selling cheat codes (or "God-Like" weapons) as DLC, too.

cee7731956d ago

$50 now is not the same as $50 10 years ago we actually pay less for games now than the ps2 era or even the ps1 era when you look into inflation remember n64 games used to be $60-$70 15 years ago.

remember 25 cent doritos there 2 for A dollar now prices will never be the same again inflation is A B$%**

Merrill1956d ago

Agreed, $49.99 should be the highest that is charged for a game(excluding special ediditions).

profgerbik1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Sadly this is nothing new, ask some person who fought in world war II if he is still alive how much a loaf of bread cost then.

Way cheaper than it does now so why would anything else be different? When they make a new car model, do they price it the same as last years? Of course not, when they make new TV's with higher resolutions do they sell them for the same price they always had been before of course not.. I mean literally every single thing in this worlds economy increases in price over time.

It is somewhat ludicrous in a way to me that people honestly think games are going to be treated any differently. Games will get better just like everything else and with that will come a higher price tag just like everything else in this world.

The economy is the issue not these developers. They have to survive in this shitty fucked up economy just like everyone else has to and the only way to do that is by adapting to it. They have bills that become more expensive every year and so on..

From a developers perspective sadly $60 for how much money went into those games to them is probably fairly reasonably priced..

People want change but they always are looking in all the wrong places..

nirwanda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Not necessarily true tech usually decreases in price look at the price of a 32' 720 p tv compaired to 6 years ago, with software company's now they outsource alot of stuff too to places like china also its much cheeper to master bluray disks.
You only need to look at the price of pc games to realize console owners are getting a bad deal.

Donnieboi1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Man, there are even more shades of grey with this issue too. Pc games are cheaper because they come with online passwords just to play. AND they are beginning to have DRM so u gotta be online just to pay (so price lowered due to annoyances, and game companies get more money since they essentially eliminate piracy). Also, many of those games are on cheaper cd's, not blu ray. They just install into pc and done. Finally, these game companies dont have to pay royalties to make windows games (but that is changing with MS's new policies). Patches are also free to distribute too (no large fee like on ps3 and 360).

THAT is why pc games are cheaper. However, we are seeing online passes on consoles now too, but sadly the games STILL cost $60. If the game company KNOWS that they can stifle used sales (thus bringing a lot more revenue because most copies might as welll be purchased new), then it's only fair that they drop the price of console games. But their so greedy they would rather hurt used sales, and instead of passing down the savings to us consumers, the greedy companies decide to keep prices at $60 to make even more money.

$60 was reasonable before, due to high development costs. But now with DRM, online passes, lack of instruction manuals, etc, then it's time to lower costs of games (to the customer)since those methods reduced piracy, game sharing, eliminated used games market (with time),and lowered cost of product by getting rid of instruction booklets. I don't like these methods, but their not going away anytime soon. The least these companies could do is reduce the cost of games since their already doubling/tripling profits due to these shady practices.

nirwanda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

@dannyboi pc games need DRM to sell at retail unfortunately otherwise it only takes one person would buy it then and put it on the net and its everywhere luckily steam came along.
The real cost of a game nowadays is mistakenly thought to be the size and complexity of games but if you look at COD it cost 40million to make and 200million to market. I didn't diagree with you as most of what you say is right and it's a very gray area

Nodoze1956d ago

If we are keeping with inflation, games would cost $300.00 now. There is no way that anyone would buy them.

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