'Rad Raygun': Veteran gamer creates popular XBox Live Indie Game

Rad Raygun, the Mega Man-inspired XBox Live Indie Game, has been gaining fans since it's recent release. The throwback game title is part of a lifelong gaming journey for programmer and Corinth, Texas resident Chris Bryant.

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maniacmayhem1959d ago

Funny all the negativity Xbox Indie games get but rarely do the success stories get published or even recognized on this site.

OhMyGandhi1958d ago

great article.
The indie crowd on XBL was always one of the best things about having an XBL subscription...

SlapHappyJesus1958d ago

Downloaded the trial for this one, but haven't really had the time to try it.

I think people would be surprised at the level of quality some of these Live Indie games show. Yes, a lot are below the level of what I would even call shovelware, but I have a nice little collection of truly quality games that cost me next to nothing.