The Legacy of GameSpy

Planet Ivy: GameSpy has recently met its end after providing 14 years of service to the gaming community. The reasons for its closure and that of sister site 1up aren’t particularly interesting and editor in chief Dan Stapleton is quick to point out that “we’re not being shut down because PC gaming isn’t a big, important, and growing thing – because it is. That’s not even debatable.” Basically, parent company IGN wants a more streamlined online gaming presence rather than multiple portals, which is understandable. Dan goes on to list some of their breaking stories and commentaries on the industry, but there is no mention of the auspicious origins from whence the site came.

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appleandroid1991d ago

Gone but not forgotten- R.I.P.

jimmyofages1991d ago

Shame to see a good servant to gaming community go.

TRGMatt1991d ago

The only question I have is...if GameSpy was shut down because they want to focus more on IGN, then why did IGN have a bunch of layoffs too?

Political garbage designed just to save face. Welcome to the modern "fuck you, love me" era of business.

androidboy1991d ago

Ouch, brutal comment but sadly I think you're right. Games is a way, way bigger business even then the cutthroat music industry, shouldn't be that surprising..

Megaton1991d ago

All I know about GameSpy is that I had to sign up for an account with them to play Borderlands through Steam, and it was awful.