God of War team discuss Ascension's fate and Kratos's future

CVG speaks to SCE Santa Monica's Jason McDonald and Mark Simon.

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RIP_Weazel1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

CVG, alongside the dutch sites and edge (tch) are the only reviews giving it sub 8 reviews, but they use this to inform their report that "Review scores have been fair, but not exactly flattering".
Don't give yourselves that much credit CVG. Im not sure how universal your opinions are....

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etownone1868d ago

I don't buy PS home consoles, but I did buy the PsP and now I own the vita.

GoW was by far the best games on PsP.

Here's hoping GoW 1&2 get released for Vita.

jakmckratos1866d ago

That post was like a blade to the stomach..

PS4isKing_821868d ago

God of war is really getting boring and tiring. Same thing every time. Gets angry and kills lots of stuff in a rage. I felt the series came to a satisfying end with part 3. Now they're just milking it IMO. I hope they have something new planned for ps4.