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GameSpot: "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 retains the series' impressive visuals and its accessible combat, but gets bogged down by its focus on storytelling."

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Snookies121813d ago

It's focus on storytelling is a bog down? Wow Gamespot... That's the whole point of this game is that the story is coming to its climax. I admit they could have done the story a bit better as it felt rushed, but it was definitely the highlight of the game experience with those boss battles.

MoveTheGlow1813d ago

I think the Cliffs' Notes version of the review doesn't really say what it means to say. It's saying that it's a game for Naruto fans because it tells so much of a story. All the terminology and characters and events won't mean much if you're not into Naruto.

That said, why would you purchase this game unless you liked Naruto in the first place? Isn't it the point to bring the fighting aspect of the series to life, along with the crazy stories? This isn't meant to be a universally enjoyed game; why does it need a 6/10 for doing what it's supposed to do pretty well?

Well, mostly because this is a fighting game, so that's what it's being judged on. The system's rather shallow, and it doesn't hold up for as long as a deeper system (BlazBlue, VF5, etc.) does. The loading times suck. The headline doesn't really give you that notion, though.

raWfodog1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Agreed. It seems that a lot of reviewers who are giving the game low marks because of the storytelling just don't get it. This game is pure fan service and the die-hard Naruto fans will love it.

It's funny. Most of these reviewers will also complain when a game doesn't have good story-telling.

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pompombrum1813d ago

Without playable versions of edo kage, Ginkaku, Kinkaku, Seven swordsman etc, this game is seriously lacking in aspects of fan service.

Snookies121813d ago

@aiBreeze - Yes I do agree that they left out a lot which SHOULD have been put in. I do not dispute that the game could have been better overall. However, it is still very memorable and a great entry into the series.

godofboobees1813d ago

So people complain about the story in fighting games are weak but when there is actual story in a fighting game people complain? I hate what this industry has become

LightofDarkness1813d ago

I think their complaint has more to do with the story not being done well. Mortal Kombat, for instance, was praised for its campy but well told story.

pompombrum1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

The problem here is that the story feels like almost the only focus on this game. That aside though, the combat isn't all that, no matter how good a story is, doesn't matter if the gameplay isn't up to scratch. I think 6/10 is fair considering they are charging full retail price for the game, if it was a reduced price at launch, it probably be a 7 or 8.

ceedubya91813d ago

I thought the story was fine. It was pretty faithful to the series despite the fact that they tried to condense so much of it into the game. Some parts were a little long, but nothing really out of the ordinary if you ever watch the show. And the gameplay is pretty much what it has been for years besides a couple changes here or there. Like others have said, this is a game for fans of naruto and the previous games in the ninja storm series. If you are looking for a continuation of the story and more flashy anime boss battles, then this is your game.