vg247 | Soul Sacrifice: exclusive, reversible EU box-art revealed

From vg247:
Soul Sacrifice is getting exclusive, reversible box art in Europe, courtesy of Sony Japan.

The pack shots were posted on PS Blog EU this afternoon, along with a list of European pre-order incentives, including two exclusive costumes and three magic items: Spirits’ Flamepike, Spirits’ Blightstone and Spirits’ Fulgurwood.

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r211956d ago

I'd go with number 1 IMO. Also, I hope the NA reversible are just as good.

Sanquine901956d ago

So hyped !" imo the first one !! Second looks dull

Canary1956d ago

I've always loved reversible boxart.

Especially for games with really awful covers. Like the Ico/Shadow of the Collosus collection. The default boxart? Terrible. Godawful. (Most collection have garbage boxart). But reverse it? Good God, it's a thing of beauty.

For this one in particular, I have to say the second option is far better than the first. The first cover option is too busy--too unbalanced. A poor design IMHO. Second one is much stronger, more focused, better contrast, etc.

Blastoise1956d ago

Really like this box art. Definitely prefer the EU one, it's more subtle :)

puamdefokejpn1956d ago

cannot wait for this,.. Just backing up all my games to get the japanese demo on japanese psn,..

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