EA Has An Axe to Grind With Nintendo, Snubs Wii U Again and Again


When Nintendo announced the Wii U in 2011, EA immediately came off as its strongest advocate. Riccitiello talked of an “unprecedented partnership”, and EA execs constantly talked up the console in the months that followed, sharing their excitement with the world, saying the Wii U was real next-gen and not transitional. There were reports that EA was helping Nintendo with its online infrastructure.

Then came rumors that the Wii U would use EA’s Origin as its online platform. That of course didn’t materialize, and incidentally neither did that unprecedented partnership.

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MNGamer-N1962d ago

OMG what am I going to do without ANOTHER Madden??? My life will be ruined

Persistantthug1962d ago

But the problem is, is that it's carrying over to EA's other games as well (Dead Space 3, Crysis 3).

I'm curious about Battlefield 4, though.

mcstorm1962d ago

I agree. It will be interesting to see what happens with EA and Nintendo but we know they have a history and quite a bad one to. But I would like to see some of the games like BF, ME ect on the WiiU because looking at what has been done with NFS MW shows it can have some impressive looking games to.

If they don't bring BF ect out for the WiiU ill just have to pick them up on the next Xbox or PS4.

Cam9771962d ago

Excuse me but would you happen to know when BF4 is due to launch? Was it Fall 2013? If yes then we're up for a jam-packed E3!

MikeMyers1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I wouldn't expect Battlefield 4 on the Wii U. I wonder if a lot of this has to do with Nintendo's online network. We all know EA likes to have full control of their games and maybe Nintendo's online service isn't something EA likes. I'm also worried about the PS4 and next Xbox and what exactly they will do in restricting access to used games and DRM. If SimCity is any indication going forward be very afraid.

Nintendo may also have issues going forward as developers start to ramp up development on the new consoles coming. The Wii U may not handle them like we saw on the Wii. Also a lot of 3rd party developers, including EA, struggled on the Wii.

Mounce1962d ago

Only an ignorant sob would pretend that EA doesn't have a good arsenal of game IP's, whether people dislike, hate, or feel neutral about EA's methods or otherwise.

As if EA only has a bloody Sports Section or that it's their primary source of income. They have a lot of studios and developers under them and am sure EA will deliver a lot of delicious games in the next generation of consoles. Hopefully more new IP's like the ones they had created that we Had or have come to enjoy. (Had being on if they weren't made, then milked a lot thereafter)

fatstarr1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I'm sorry but if it wasn't on a Nintendo console to begin with they shouldn't expect a massive cup of support from the fan base

We Nintendo fans can live without crysis and dead space 3 (unless it was a limited port it would be a waste) its not gonna sell more than 250k Nintendo gamers evolved in gaming choices after being snubbed over the last 10 years

Just because it sells on the HD twins and the next gen twins won't mean it will sell on a Nintendo plat. There's no need for over saturation in a two console era. Only an idiot buys the ssame game twice or 3 times.

Real console exclusivity needs to come back

Bf4 will not sell well on the wiiu especially when selling well is defined as selling millions of copies.

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Ulf1962d ago

Yeah, wow. I agree.
Wii U owners should definitely not be allowed to get the latest sports titles, or anything else core gamers on those lame other systems people like to spend a few moments with, while not attending to their Wii U.

Mario and Zelda is all Wii U owners need, right?


pompombrum1962d ago Show
Apex131962d ago

Ain't that he F-ing truth. If they took origin they would be on nineties dick hard.

Oh we'll business is business and personal is EA just like Apple and Flash by Adobe

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PopRocks3591962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

For all of the issues I acknowledge Nintendo has had with their online infrastructure (and continue to have with the Wii U) I can personally infer that had Wii U been running Origin, I'd have been the first person to jump ship completely. A Nintendo system running Origin exclusively is a no-go for me.

If EA is really that bitter then I'm fine continuing not to buy their products. There were few exceptions of course, like the Mass Effect games, but I've always purchased those games used. I don't intend to ever give a cent to EA unless they have a massive business restructuring.

So please continue EA; please continue your anti-consumer tactics, continue using detrimentally useless DRM, continue releasing dysfunctional games that don't work, keep sending huge franchises and developers to the grave and keep half-assing your support of what is currently my favorite game console. You're only saving me money.

2EHO1962d ago

I expect them to give us all the games but the games will be gimped ports, missing features, and overpriced. That's what EA will do so they can say hey we supported the console and look at these numbers showing nintendo gamers don't support third party. BS! We aren't idiots we aren't going to shell out 60 for a gimped game. Look at NFSMW:U the developers took the time to make sure the port suited the console and took advantage of the hardware and iv heard lots of gamers saying its a must buy and they will support it. Come on developers don't let EA punk you into trashing the Wii U with wasted ports.

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