Tomb Raider Chasm Shrine puzzle solution

A video showing how to beat one of the more tricky story related puzzles in the Tomb Raider Chasm Shrine.

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TekoIie1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Aaah I remember that one! It took me a while to figure it out as well :)

SnakeCQC1903d ago

people needed a guide for this?

TekoIie1903d ago

Yeah I was thinking the same thing XD.

The puzzles offer some challenge but their not rocket science. Just explore the area and it'll eventually come to you.

Roper3161903d ago

LOL really? a 2 lever in the same room tomb & people need help with it? They must have never played a old school TR game.

anticlimax1903d ago

And this is the most challenging puzzle in the entire game (imo). It may still be called tomb raider, but it's no longer the same series (although it's a good game in its own way)

Roper3161903d ago

I am loving the game over all, but find the puzzles very very very easy and I also am not a fan of having all the locations of the treasures/relics/documents revealed when I complete a tomb. My whole love for the TR franchise came from the puzzles & exploration it offered that no other series did. So basically I haven't opened my map since I completed the 1st tomb.

I just hope the sequel will offer more of the traditional game play along with the new style game play.