GDC 08: Crysis on Xbox 360 Shown Behind Closed Doors

Crysis on consoles was one of the biggest mysteries of GDC this year. Crytek itself sent out a press release in January announcing that it would be showing Crysis running on 'next-gen' consoles at the show.

No further details were unveiled by the time GDC arrived, so I decided to do a little investigative work while on the exhibition floor.

At Crytek's own booth, a representative from the studio revealed to me that the game was indeed being shown running on the Xbox 360, but only behind-closed-doors and to prospective publishers.

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Darkiewonder3934d ago

GDC was 2 weeks ago. It took them this long to post about their findings there? Really.

sonarus3934d ago

yea and the fact that they are the only ones talking about it a full 2 weeks later is quite suspicious

Bundini3934d ago

There is a reason why this needed to be published two weeks after GDC. It's not some secret conspiracy, but some of the comments made were in confidence and it wouldn't have been fair to the individual who I spoke to betray that trust.

There were additional things said during the conversation which I unfortunately cannot publish for similar reasons.

Also, the reason no one else is carrying the news is that the editors from those *other* sites couldn't be bothered to actually walk all the way over to Crytek's booth and ask some questions.

wageslave3933d ago


These guys are usually under NDA. And, the industry players themselves arent Chatty-Cathys like the fanboy interwebs.

Silellak3934d ago

Interesting, though not much in the way of proof.

Having played Crysis on the PC, I have to wonder what detail level the console version(s) would have to be locked at in order to secure a steady framerate. It was shown that most of the DX-10 features could actually be done in DX-9 if you just tweaked the settings file, so I'm not worried about the lack of DX-10 support.

Still, the game stresses even the fastest PCs - and the fastest PCs out now are significantly more powerful than the 360 or even the PS3. So I imagine a decent number of concessions will have to be made. The game is still gorgeous even on somewhat lower settings, though.

kewlkat0073934d ago

I expect early 09 release

PC + Xbox = somewhat same architecture = Crysis in 09...LOL

Very watered down I'm sure.. with he GPU/RAM limitations of consoles.

Ok the flaiming can commence..