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A special family
3DS version tested.

Castlevania is one of the most famous brands in the landscape of gaming. The original Japanese title is Akumajo Dracula (the demonic castle of Dracula). The first episode of this series was born September 26, 1986 for the NES. In addition to this first edition there have been many adaptations and the game is changed the title to Vampire Killer and finally released in Europe for the MSX2 console.

Until now, the Castlevania series has more than 20 episodes that have touched virtually all existing consoles. They range from Nes to go to the Game Boy, Playstation 1, Nintendo DS, and finally Nintendo 3DS.

The plot that the show is very similar in each installment of the series since (except in some chapters such as Nintendo DS) the setting is the castle of Dracula.

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