PS4 is “incredible” says God of War team but there’s “still life in the PS3″

OPM: PS4 is a prospect that has God of War: Ascension’s developer Sony Santa Monica “excited,” but it says that even after eight years, the capabilities of PS3 can still be explored. We chat to lead game designer Mark Simon and lead combat designer Jason McDonald to find out more.

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richierich1812d ago

Nintendo said the same thing back in the SNES days when the PS1 was released to keep people from jumping to the next gen at the time. They said that there was plenty of life in the SNES before the N64 was released. IMO this current generation has gone on too long as soon as the PS4 is released Im trading in my PS3 towards the new console bring on the next generation

CEOSteveBallmer1812d ago

but what about your games on the ps3, your collection? would it go with it?

ikokjones1812d ago

I don't really understand collections.
I don't revisit games, if I did I imagine it would be briefly to relieve some nostalgia.

Its like movies, I can have a collection of movies but between new tv shows and movies, do we really need to have the old movies?

New Entertainment poors in all the time. Stop the backward madness!

CEOSteveBallmer1812d ago

Im not saying we should always play Old games. I mean when the time comes you want to play a specific game again even just briefly, How would you do it if it was gone? I think you get my point but I respect your opinion. Im just asking.

Highlife1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I don't sell my old consoles or games but I get his point. I hardly ever go back and play old games of previous generations. They just do have the same impact playing them again. They only games I have replayed this gen are Uncharted 2, Infamous 2 to play the evil side, and I think that is it. I haven't gone back to my PS1 sits in my closet, ps2 haven't touched in years dusty under my tv. (also have NES, Genesis, 3do, N64, Intelivsion, and Gamecube all in my closet) But don't think I will sell the Ps3 as it can do other things like bluray and netflix and a few games I may go back to. Plus I can't justify selling the system and only getting a few bucks. Not worth it IMO.

Spoon_1812d ago

Out with the old in with the new my body is ready

1811d ago
DonteDemonSlayer1811d ago

We will still be seeing new PS3 games come out for another year or two. The problem being that the PS4 isn't backwards compatible, meaning said purchases almost won't matter if you have to turn around and buy a "stream" copy from Gakai. I still wonder if Ground Zeros, Versus XIII, or Last Guardian will be on the PS3 or not.

rainslacker1811d ago


Collections aren't for everyone. I personally keep and play my old games, and often play through a whole game that could be pretty old. It's just the way I am, as I play games for the enjoyment and to look at things that have been done in the past, many of which still effect the present.

People collect things for different reasons. I'm a game collector, and I do so because I enjoy doing it. No different than say a stamp collector. Nothing wrong with your choice, we're all different and unique.

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Tzuno1811d ago

Look at Rare games on Snes. Snes was powerful for it's time. Donkey kong 1 and 2 looks stunning even these days.

badkolo1812d ago

great but at the same time i dont want to wait 6 years to get the best of the machine, so while i appreciate the ps3's power, they made it so difficult to program for it took it took 6 years to finally utilize it power, yeah all systems go through this and the older they are the better the games look because all the tricks are learned and they can squeeze more but in the case of the ps3 it was simply way more work for devs then it needed to be. the ps4 on the other hand is more pc and will be utilized to a better degree earlier on

Drekken1812d ago

Go back into your garbage can. Ps3 has been spitting out quality games since Heavenly Sword and Warhawk.

CEOSteveBallmer1812d ago

LOL!! Nice he will play next gen games on his comfy trash can which is amazing theres so much stuff in there. XD

moodgamer1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I wiil still be buying PS3 games even with the purchase of the PS4.

shivvy241812d ago

i went and bought san andreas for ps2 cause i lost my old one !! ahh nostalgia

medman1812d ago

Why would you make that statement? The only reason to buy a PS3 game instead of a PS4 version if you own the PS4 is if the game is not available for the PS4. You're telling me you wouldn't want the best version of a game? I can tell you this, I've got my eye on Watch Dogs, which I will be buying for my PS4 even though it's coming to PS3 and 360 as well. You go ahead and buy the PS3 version if you want to. I'll probably keep my PS3 and 360 for a few years to go back to play games like the Mass Effect and Uncharted series. But buying new PS3 or 360 games when a better alternative is available? That sir, sounds like madness.

BlaqMagiq241811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

That's not what he said at all. He said he'll still be buying ps3 and 360 games in general, not games that will be both on ps3 and ps4. I will too, because there will still be great games coming out for the PS3 even when the PS4 is released. Persona 4 for example came out for PS2 2 years after PS3 and got a 90/100 metacritic score. Don't write off this gen so fast just because the new one's here.

1812d ago
iGamerZero241812d ago

Good to hear ! Can't wait for PS4 and will enjoy the rest of there year of PS3 games right to the end

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