The Father of Video Games

Meet the guy who started it all.

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RamsesNum11835d ago

It sucks that the business end always get the attention. Sorta like steve wozniak and jobs.

No4Love1835d ago

amazing article guys :D

RABBIToCOM1835d ago

Lovely read ! Its awesome to know how far gaming has come.

creeping judas1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I remember playing Pong back in the late 70's. My father had just visited Canada and brought it back with him to Finland. Had he any idea what he would start with the Pong game, I doubt he would of brought one home.

Thank you Ralph Baer for creating such an amazing hobby that has taken me around the world, has brought me into the future and into the past like a time traveller. That has allowed me to fight in several different world wars, and fought in wars out of this galaxy. Allowed me to drive vehicles I never would ever have a chance of driving, or pretending to drive. Allowed me to live out fantasies, allowing me to use a sniper rifle for a head shot, allowing me to mow down innocent by stander on the streets of Vice City, all without having to leave the comforts of my living room.