God of War Lead Combat Designer – “The PS3 Has Been Pretty Good To Us”

TSA: "Speaking to TheSixthAxis at a press event this week, Sony’s Jason McDonald, part of Santa Monica’s God of War team, said that that PS3 has “been pretty good to us” and talked about how much they’ve managed to get out of the current hardware. "

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nevin11988d ago

I honestly dont think devs really maxed out PS3's power.

plaZeHD1988d ago

I think God Of War: Ascension maxed out PlayStation 3. I mean, MY GOD the game looks exactly like a CGI trailer. Just look at Kratos' face

Studio-YaMi1988d ago

That can hardly be considered CGI quality,it's still impressive though non-of-the-less & GOW combat is a joy to me.

ANIALATOR1361988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I've heard the framerate has dropped from GOW3 though but heard things like "It looks like CGI in parts" and "it looks in parts like a next gen game"

@Studio-YaMi. It looks as good if not better than the GOW1 CG cutscenes

GreenRanger1988d ago

My PS3 tucks me in at night.

Fishermenofwar1988d ago

The Ps3 touches me in my happy place :)

clintagious6501988d ago

The ps3 is a great system but it had a slow start because of how it was built. Alot of devs had a hard time trying to code for it in the beginning and its prolly why we didnt see as many games as we seen on the ps2 because of the slow transition learning to code for the ps3 architecture. Of course everything is going smooth now but im glad to see that sony has created the ps4 with the devs in mind and we will see alot more games on the ps4 do to the dev friendly coding for the ps4. I bet we will see ALOT more jrpg's with the ps4. Im so amped & cant wait to buy one at launch.

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