Will Wright Talks New SimCity - Discusses City Size Limit

NowGamer: "SimCity has released this week alongside both criticism and praise, but Will Wright - the man who created the SimCity series - has had access to the game early.

We asked Will what he thought of the new SimCity, and he had a lot to say - he even discussed the much-criticised 2K by 2K city size limits."

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koh2023d ago

So either Will Wright refused to discuss the always online component, and all the problems that has created so far, or the people over at nowgamer were afraid to ask. Must take a real gifted interviewer to find out that the creator of SimCity really enjoys SimCity...

Hydralysk2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

The would be expecting actual journalism from game journalists, and that's just a silly thing to expect.

camel_toad2022d ago

It does seem that most gaming "journalists" are really just gamers that like free games.

Aloren2022d ago

Or it wasn't interesting to ask him ? Why would they be afraid to ask anyway ? he left EA 3 years ago, it's not like him saying "always online is great/ understandable/ awful" would be interesting or change anything. It's a lot more interesting to know what he thinks about the game itself (and yeah, he could play it, he had an early access...)

fermcr2022d ago

Did you really expect Will Wright to bash a game made by people that are his friends and acquaintances ? Seriously !!!