Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a sniper game in name only, and too much is the player forced to rely on non-sniping weapons to get the job done. You’ll try and keep with the spirit of the game, taking on zombies from a distance with your trusty rifle but it never seems as if that’s what the game wants you to do. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a corridor shooter, one with wave after wave of mediocrity and lack of imagination. If someone walked into the offices at Rebellion, dumped a bag of cash on the table and said “What are the kids into these days? Make a game about that!”, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is what they would come up with. Unfortunately, their sniper scope doesn’t seem to have been calibrated properly and the game falls short of its intended mark."

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