PS Vita price cut must happen everywhere

Finally, some good news for the PlayStation Vita. Sales of the handheld quadrupled over the past week in Japan as it recorded its best figures for months. 62,543 units were sold for the week ending 3 March, up massively from the measly 11,456 units the week before. And while it still didn't manage to overtake the ever-strong Nintendo 3DS at the top of the hardware chart, it does bode well for the future. The reason for the massive uptake in sales? Well, the much-needed price cut might have something to do with it.

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MultiConsoleGamer1986d ago

It will. And the Vita has already built up a nice little catalog of games. So when the price drop happens, and the new consumers arrive, the games will be waiting.

Pixel_Enemy1986d ago

I have a really nice collection of great games on my Vita. The only down side is that the dual analog sticks are great for shooters and Resistance/COD for vita suck balls and I own both. I can't wait to get my hands on Killzone Mercenary though!!!!

Spenok1986d ago

You are absolutely right. I also own both, and am also waiting on Killzone.

Though there are plenty of other great games to play in the meantime.

SilentNegotiator1986d ago

The problem is that they will all be discounted and won't bring in as much revenue as they would right now, when they're hot.

The sooner the better with the price cut.

alousow1986d ago

E3 price cut is coming

miyamoto1986d ago

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Minato-Namikaze1986d ago

Since i have a vita i dont need a price cut. What i want is those 32GB memory cards to be $50 everyday, everywhere not just at ATT, lol

LordHiggens1986d ago

Cheaper than that bro, tell me what is the difference between this form of memory and SDHC? WHAT DIFFERENCE!?! I can get a 32 gig card from Amazon for 18 bucks right now. I agree that it should be cheaper but 50 bucks, hell 100 bucks for memory. Sweet mother of green jesus....

Minato-Namikaze1986d ago

20 bucks would be fine with me as well, lol. the cheaper the better

kayoss1986d ago

The difference is the production quantity. Production numbers for all the other cards you see on amazon are higher then what Sony will produce. Another thing is that it the only of its kind. You can not use the Sony card on any other devices. This bring the cost up a little because there are no competition. but i do wish it was cheaper.

profgerbik1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I don't get why $50 off is that huge of a deal for anyone.. Give me a break. Everyone is assuming because of the Japan price cut that is why it sold and no shit it helped but they were selling them in Japan like hot cakes before the price cut was even in effect yet..

Knowing that, it had to be more software driven, they have a ton of good Vita games coming.. I really see no reason why the Japanese wouldn't want a Vita right now just for the amount of great games they have over there for it.

There also have been plenty of opportunities to get the PS Vita for $50 off or $50 back in value.. That is another thing I don't understand about all these people crying for a price cut. If you were honestly that interested in getting a Vita for cheaper you could have done so a long time ago..

They do need to lower the price of the memory cards but honestly you don't have to use a big memory card if you never buy digital stuff or just use physical games all the time.

I don't trust digital anyway. I can't trade it in, I can't resell it, I can't hold it and if some super hacker did ever just dominate the world chances are all that shit on these clouds would just one day be gone then what..?

The only time I ever get anything digital is when I really want a game and sadly that is the only way to get it is digitally.. or stuff from PS+ other than that I always prefer a physical game over a digitally distributed one.

Minato-Namikaze1986d ago

if they drop the price 50 bucks now. There will probably be $150 deals on Black friday this year. And i'll definitely be picking up another fore that price.

Godchild10201986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

$50 dollars off really is a big deal. It determines if you will buy a game with the console or two and since you need a memory card to play most games, getting one of them eases the blow to you wallet, pocket or bank account.

It goes from paying 400 dollars with one game to paying 400 dollars with 2 games and maybe a PlayStation plus subscription.

It's a perceived value. Most would rather see 199.99 than 249.99 with 50 back as a gift card or something and also others rather see 199.99 as a permanent price and not a temporary one. The difference between seeing now and only for a limited time. Not everyone has XXX amount of money to drop at anytime.

The fact that you mentioned that they need to lower the price of the memory cards kind of negates your whole comment.

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