Pro Game Journalism Episode Too - Gaming's Worst Enemy and Best Friend

"Right now on the internet theirs an unpesidented amount of hate and bickering and well im here to tell u what I think is the real problem. Join me for epsiode 2 of PGR: Pro Game Jernalism." -Travis McHardy, Pro Game Journalism

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dbjj120881779d ago

This is weird. But I like it.

Hey Travis kind of looks familiar though...

knifefight1779d ago

The intentional level of terribad is ALMOST as bad as actual games journalism!

Wedge191779d ago

Yes. I agree with all of it. Games Journalism caters to the whims of public and what will garner hits, which unfortunately leaves little room for honesty and heart.

WarThunder1778d ago

Metacritic is for mindless people.

SOULJER1778d ago

If someone tried to validate a game potential with a metacritic score to me. He would get kicked punch and slapped all at the same time.

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