Twinfinite: Special Forces: Team X Review

With so many competitive multiplayer games on the market, it’s hard to make a name for yourself. From big budget titles to indie games, the market has become flooded with multiplayer-focused games. There is a lot of competition, companies trying to make the next big game that brings in the “moolah.” I’ve been attempting to play Special Forces: Team X on the PC for a while now. While I’ve found it to be a somewhat unique experience… it doesn’t seem like anyone else agrees. (Source:

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MikeEaton1992d ago

I guess it's not so special after all. That's too bad.

capitanandi1992d ago

I was hoping the X stood for XTREME.

broli40001992d ago

It looks weird with the cartoon shading. That alone would take me out of it then the rest of it didnt look like it followed through all that well