Get 32GB Vita memory card for only $50, 16GB for $30 and more

AT&T is currently selling the PS Vita's 32GB memory card for $50. That's $50 off the normal $100 price. They are selling other memory cards at heavy discounts as well.

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Godchild10201812d ago

Get on this. Worth every penny if you have Plus.

nevin11812d ago

Is this in store or online?

And I didnt know AT&T sell them.

kube001812d ago

Online looks like they have some other stuff on sale as well

tubers1812d ago

Hahaha not enough cash on my debit card.. GG poorman me.

Xsly1812d ago

wow 50$ for a 32GB thats a great price! to bad i dont have enough to buy one right now.

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