Tomb Raider PC - TressFX will be fully playable on GTX680, Nixxes Working On Lara's Hair Collisions

DSOGaming writes: "We know that a lot of you were disappointed with Tomb Raider’s performance, even on high-end GPUs such as Nvidia’s GTX 680. Well, we got some good news everyone. According to both Nvidia and Nixxes, a single GTX 680 will be able to handle TressFX once the game gets updated. In other words, forget all those claims about Kepler’s weak DirectCompute capabilities."

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pissed9991904d ago ShowReplies(1)
Cobain191904d ago

Lara's hair had major issues with TressFX. Glad to see Nixxes working on fixing them

john21904d ago

indeed. There was a major issue with her shoulders. Hope they fix it

MikeMyers1904d ago

I get a bit of a hit in frame rate when I have it set so I just leave it to normal.

MontyQ1904d ago

game is great but man needs fixing all maxed at 1080p on 2 580s gets slow down yet the cards use no more then 30% each :/ oh dear fixes on pc happen fast atleast

TheModernKamikaze1904d ago

It's compatible with Nvidia, unlike PhysX, which utilises CUDA.

whiteyjuice1904d ago

My 7970 runs this game smooth as butter- no overclocking whatsoever.