Capcom celebrating its 30th anniversary with special logo

GE: "Did you know that Capcom is celebrating a big anniversary this year? It’s true! The company will be turning 30 years-old in just a few months."

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DarkBlood1990d ago

just give me re2 remake capcom DOOOOOOOO IT lol

BioDead1990d ago

Please dont make me cry! I have waited it WHOLE MY LIFE!

lizard812881990d ago

It is called Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles....and we can see how much effort they put in, by making it a rail shooter. Not that there is anything wrong with RS, but it would have been alot better if it wasn't

DarkBlood1990d ago

i have the game, but yeah seeing it like that id love to see the whole thing properly remade perhaps with even better gritty graphics that looks digusting and scary in a good way lol

kirbyu1990d ago

Put the Mega Man remake on 3DS

a_bro1990d ago

The logo must be dlc, we might have to pay for it

Welcome2Die1990d ago

Not only that but the colors of the logo are locked within the letters and you must pay extra to unlock them.

BioDead1990d ago

And its coming, including ONLY, with they newest game which costs 69$.

Kratoscar20081990d ago

I hope the logo resemble a big excrement with the letters Crapcom.

cyhm31121990d ago

capcom deserve so much more respect from gamers. If you look back at their past franchises. I think fewer than 2 gaming companies in this world can truly compare. Lots and lots of great games. I know they haven't been doing as good this gen, but next gen they will shine again.

Cam9771990d ago

Really? Just 2?
• Rockstar Games
• Naughty Dog
• Polyphon Digital
• From Software

There are many more than 2.

kayoss1990d ago

Dude, keywords are "their past franchises" meaning franchises that capcom established in the 30 years they've been here. What you listed are companies not franchises.
Megaman, street fighter series, darkstalkers, resident evil and so on. Polyphony, naughty dog only have 1-3 franchises under their belt.

Stroke6661990d ago

sorry homie but the 4 you mention aren't even close seconds they're too young as companies to mention allong side capcom. they have been slippin for the later half of last gen but this gen I have big hopes for them

ThatArtGuy1990d ago

Capcom is like Activision, a shell of what they once were. The people that were there during their golden years are long gone.

deafdani1990d ago

Nobody denies that Capcom has many great franchises with a big history behind them. However, it's also no secret that Capcom has been, generally speaking, incredibly shitty this whole console generation, which has lasted 7 years now.

So, no, they actually deserve almost all the hate they get.

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The story is too old to be commented.